We’re having a good week!

Sunday topped last Thursday’s comic for page views with over 9000! This is good. Now if we can just start earning some money off of this. 🙂 The Google ads are bringing in an average of about $1.40 a day, all of which is going into our own advertising. I hate to say this but there will be more ads, soon. There’s also now a donation box, courtesy of PayPal if anyone feels like contributing.

We are planning to have goodies, t-shirts for sure, and a comic, probably this fall. Maybe some posters. Daniel is experimenting with coloring photostats of the comics and we may put those pages up as a donation premium, perhaps. Or a screensaver? It is true that Daniel can’t do much more than two-pages a week without some money coming in.

I’m going to put the offer to sell original art back up next week. If you’re interested in that, please keep an eye out for it. Thanks.

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  1. Zixinus says:

    I think you guys should go M-W-F route or just twice a week, because an “a comic for every day” at this quality is a bit insane. Really, at this level of quality, that’s easily justifiable and that way, the artist won’t burn out.

    Ads are OK as long they aren’t annyoing/distracting (no sounds or flashing).

    • Joyce says:

      The main comic is just twice a week so far, Sun and Thu. The other comics are not done by the same artist. If we can, we’ll go to Sun,Tue,Thu for Quillian but what with work and all, Daniel does not have time for that right now.

      I hate noisy and flashing ads, too, so you are unlikely to see them here. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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