Quillian P16 No Snooze is Good Snooze

Quillian P16 No Snooze is Good Snooze

Who needs sleep?

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  1. mittfh says:

    What a motley collection of students…

    One’s asleep, one’s wearing a trilby, someone picking his nose (eugh!), someone smoking, someone chatting on his mobile, someone yawning; and there’s a punk, a goth, oh, and a teenage mutant ninja turtle (on the back row, two rows behind Quentin)…

    Then the three girls in the bottom panel appear to be those behind him, to his right, and one row down on the same diagonal (directly behind Trilby).

    • Canton says:

      Motley indeed! Quentin blends right in! Heck, even Quillian might, with this bunch. The school seems to be a good fit in that respect. Well, aside from the murders and all…

  2. mittfh says:

    Or, more logically, given the positioning, to his right (middle), below her, and to her right. Or, to describe it another way, the girl behind/above trilby, the one to her left (our right), the girl behind/above her, and Quentin/Quillian to her left (our right).

    • Joyce says:

      The hair styles give it away. A new version of the word balloons may make it clearer, I loaded the other version so as not to be late.

  3. MadMann135 says:

    I am just wondering how can a teenage mutant ninja turtle sit in a class with humans and not raise a brow?

    I prefer Quillian as a girl, as a guy Quillian seems a bit effeminate… Quillian’s shirt is the only one with writing on it to..

  4. Justaguy says:

    … …. …. College. Nuff said 😛

  5. Joyce says:

    but where’s Waldo? Great job Dan – Wendy

    (Using my account – Joyce)

  6. Uhl says:

    I’ve seen more elaborate/strange costumes than TMNT in college rooms. The SMOKER though is not a faux pas, it’s illegal in most states. The fines are pretty stiff for violations too, on the smoker, the college AND the professor. (There may even be jail time if someone smokes in a college class room.)

  7. comichero says:

    man that would suck the Q-man really knows what going on adn cant say anythign about cuz ppl would think he is crazy soo im going to go out on a limb here ad say Quillian is on his way to becoming an avenager of the night

    • Joyce says:

      Q knows it isn’t actually a bomber, yeah, but just what is going on? And Q probably doesn’t want any attention, not the kind that would come from talking to authorities. Tell them that you turn into a demoness after midnight and even if they believe you…. 🙂

  8. Terry says:

    I love the classroom and all of the crazy students. It’s a lot more interesting than any of my classes when I went to college.

    I love how you’re revealing the plot so slowly. It’s quite fun that way.

    Did you mean to give away that Q turns into his demoness form after midnight? Why midnight and not sunset? I suppose sunset would be too early, especially in the winter months. I wondered if Q might be able to control when he changes. Perhaps not. I anxiously await more clues and information.

    Thanks to you both! You know who you are. 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      The bit about “after midnight” is I think on the very first page. And yes, Q is somewhat in control of when exactly changes happen. 🙂 Q can and must be Quillian for a few hours between midnight and sunrise, but the exact timing is voluntary. This would be hard to make clear in the story without some very direct narration. 🙂

  9. Alicia says:

    is that Sam Valentine 5 down 5 across

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