Sam Valentine

Sam Valentine

A noir detective with a difference, Sam Valentine will be coming your way in February. Here’s a preview sketch…

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Posted on December 6, 2010 at 12:28 am in Sketchbook. Follow responses to this post with the comments feed. You can leave a comment or trackback from your own site.

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  1. andrea dimaggio says:

    My kind of detective! Whoo hoo! I volunteer to be her moll!

  2. Xavier Price says:

    Yes! We sell designer jeans for cats!

    Love it. Looking forward to your next project.

    • Joyce says:

      Sam is Daniel’s creation. I’ve written four scripts for the strip and Daniel is going to work on getting one of them ready to start appearing by February.

  3. Uhl says:

    I fear our author may be stretching herself a wee bit thin.

    • Joyce says:

      Writing this stuff doesn’t take nearly as much time as drawing it. 🙂

      Remember, back in the sixties when Marvel put out only 16 comics a month, Stan Lee wrote ten or twelve of them. It takes Daniel four to ten hours to draw and ink a page, part of that spent just thinking about how it should look. I can write the dialog for a whole page in a few minutes.

    • daniel says:

      i was thinking of this stuff probably 8 years ago, never did anything with it. joyce rather took to it, and i need someone to push me/help me out tremendously before i’ll do anything at all!
      i hope you guys like it, but it’s a wait and see thing for now… hey Chern! how art thou?

      • Chernobog says:

        Heya Dan. Got my comic featured and podcasted the other week, but same old otherwise. My life’s not too eventful sometimes, I guess.

        Hm, so why does Sam Valentine have the penciled in ‘stache? Is it a quirky noir setting?

        • daniel says:

          i reckon sometimes no news is good news, i make up for it with the horror show in my mind that i just can’t turn off… well, i don’t want to say to much about sam valentine until some actual “material” is done, but let me just say that she has some issues, which will hopefully make sense when more characters are shown. there will be many thematic elements and overtones/in-your-face stuff, that many people might not like, but i don’t think i could compromise any of it. congrats on your comic, but after all, it is pretty cool!

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