Barbelle & Kendra Sketch

Two more characters from the Sam Valentine strip that we hope to begin posting later this year. Barbelle and Kendra are bodyguards for Simon Semple who runs the rackets in Melloville, Sam’s ‘hood. They’re tough but Barbelle is kind of sweet on Sam. Kendra is sort of sweet on herself.

The original sketch was pencil and ink on typing paper, this color version is pencil on a photocopy of the original with a few ink touches.

Sorry about not having a Quillian page. Daniel seems to have torn an intercostal muscle or something clearing brush in the orange groves. He’s fine but the pain kind of took the energy out of him for a few days. We should have a new page of Q on Monday.

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  1. Daniel says:

    hello friends, i want to apologize for not completing a new quillian page, i have been working a “man” kind of job this past week or so and have not “really” gotten the time periods (long stretches late at night) to draw one up. i’m gonna getcha one sunday night though, m’kay? but if you would, please comment on sam/b & k. i have had these guys in my head for about 6 yrs. i especially like this pic of kendra, though i made up the outfits on the spot. this was one of my first attempts at “real” pen and ink, done just before joyce and i started Quillian. (also, does anyone out there like Linda Hardy? i sure do) thanx 2 all, and best wishes…oww, ribs…

  2. daniel says:

    since there are no comments as of yet, i’m just gonna play around… here’s a fun and fan-fictional acronym: TMNTvsC.H.U.D. will my dreams of this epic confrontation be forever unrequited? forsooth! and by the way, i hurt myself leaning over the side of a high truck bed. why that reminds me of the time… [wavy lines appear on-screen, accompanied by synthesized harp sound effects]

  3. Sam Valentine says:

    without revealing TOO much about valentine, simon semple is a rather fancy man, with a “penchant for the dramatic” i imagine him to look something like a young, long-haired Costas Mandylor, if anyone knows who that is… there are plenty more charaters and situations, but i don’t want to blow anything, as Val and the gang are my personal faves. that doesn’t say a whole lot really though, “cause i HAVE come up with some real stinkers to be honest. mercifully, they will probably never see the light of day, languishing in the muck of avarice…

  4. chalikun says:

    They look pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of a couple characters in a Simon R. Green series, Betty and Lucy Coltrane, the bouncers of the ‘oldest bar in the world.’ They’re also a pair of muscular women.

    • Joyce says:

      We’re working on Sam Valentine cautiously. Peopling the world with characters that we invent and situations. I’ve got one script written, another started and three or four more outlined. Mystery and Suspense with a modern noir flavor. She’s Daniel’s creation so he has a lot of sketches and thoughts about the main characters, Sam’s friends, rivals and acquaintances going back for years. The name, concept and situations are so classic that we’ve done a big hunt online to make sure no one else has already done it. 🙂

      We need to start making a little money on this so Daniel gets more time to draw. 🙂

  5. daniel says:

    thank you chernobog, i appreciate your comment. (mostly cause the “sketch” pages don’t seem to get much.) as ar as the money goes, of course i would love to get paid for this kind of thing, i love to draw, sculpt, etc. , but i have a genuine lack of confidence and self esteem when it comes to drawing. i’m only as good as someone tells me, but i can never be totaly pleased with my flawed workpersonship. hey, i like that word! copywrite! i’m going to look up DevArt now. thanx for readin’!

  6. Chernobog says:

    You sculpt? Wicked.

    Innately, I think most artists short of the ones breathing hubris out their fancy pens feel somewhat like that from time to time, at least. It’s a psychological thing, I’d say. We do it for ourselves, but we also seek at least some validation from the world around us by the very virtue of expressing our works online. I don’t think there’s anything wrong about it. People aren’t meant to be invincible.

    Well, you know the saying. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

    Workpensonship-? *pays royalty* Dangit!

    Regarding the sketch page comment…
    I noticed and have a working theory. Mind you, this only comes from my own experiences in webcomicking, I don’t pull anywhere near your numbers in. Quill is still very early into the story, page wise. Updates that don’t bring forth a new story page are basically considered filler… which if it isn’t something commercially worth noting as fanservice? It’s basically raw toxin for the readership. Too many filler pages and especially too early on can even lose a creator some readers here and there, unfortunately.

    This is more so when the filler content doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the comic itself. The reader is left with, well, something else. And that something else is not necessarily something they want. Bait and switch, as it were.

    I know you hurt yourself recently but my advice would be in the future to have directly Quill related sketch pages as filler if you can’t draw but would still prefer more commentary from the peanut gallery. Maybe behind the scenes designs, overviews, or recreationally done art.

    Mind you, I don’t mean to sound haughty or scolding here. You guys are way beyond my league in terms of skill and presentation. But this is the only response I can think to give, if it helps.

  7. daniel says:

    i have enjoyed sculpting for many years, since the mop-top hair shop days. seriously, i think sculpting is way easier than drawing anyday of the week. there are no “tricks” to learn, you know, shading, forshortening, any of that stuff. i practiced drawing for about as many years as i’ve been alive, but sculpting is a thrill, and very natural. i like being able to actualy touch something, though it seems to me that a drawing of any style, in 2 dimensions tends to be more thought provoking. the last things i finished were a pair of “cute” frog people for my S.O. , and a pair the previos year. i’d like to do a quillian and/or ptarro. i loves me some plastic men, but i doubt any will exist save for maybe a 1of a kind beta version. thank you much for taking time to look at our stuff. this is a new thing for me, online comicing, you know. tell me Chernobog, can i see some samplings of your stuff?

  8. Chernobog says:

    Frog people sculpture for your sweety? That’s upstanding, man. Good job.

    My stuff? Well, call this my own fussiness… I draw, but I don’t consider myself an artist at all, thanks to a certain high school teacher from long ago who shall remain nameless. Writing is my main passion, but I illustrate, so who’s to say?

    I only have a DevArt account for commenting on other people’s works, so really all I can show you is Arachnid Goddess. I think it’s accessible through my name here or some such. There’s another artist online who’s drawn some of my character designs, but I’m pretty obscure otherwise. XD

  9. daniel says:

    oh sorry, i didnt really know that was you! yes i look at this from time to time, i very much enjoy the character designs, and they have a living quality to them, which sometimes eludes my somewhat mechanical approach. maybe i’ll create them on “smackdown vs raw”. you have at least much more material than i do, wer’e the same age you know. hey, i’ve been to ‘Jersey (many years past) i must admit i am scared of the wikipedia def. of Chernobog…

  10. Chernobog says:

    Ah, thank you. It’s good to talk shop with fellow creators.

    Smackdown… which edition is that? Man, that stuff was fun. I haven’t messed with a wrestling character creator in a king’s age.

    “Jersey… a place one can visit, but I wouldn’t recommend living here.”

    I can sometimes have TOO much material. I’m not often fast enough to keep up with what I’m intending to do.

    Hey, at least you didn’t say ‘Why didn’t you call yourself Czernobog’ like everyone else does. That never gets old for some people. Besides. ‘Chern’ has a nice loathsome look to it.

  11. daniel says:

    oops, passed out there, maybe you’ll see this tomorrow. umm, as far as pro wrestling games, i haven’t touched one since the last platform generation, but they were always fun if redundant. i think it was part 57? my bro and i tried to outdo 1another in terms of tech. acheivement. we caused the game to crash several times trying to load matches like E.T. vs Popeye… i thought your moniker had something to do with “wormwood”… Russian. say, if you let me, i’ll draw a pic of one of your characters. send it to you if i’ve got a way?

  12. Chernobog says:

    Sure, that sounds groovy. I’ll even put it up on the Arachnid Goddess Compendium for others to see, if you like. I’ve given Quillian a shout out once on the main comic but I’m not beyond plugging again. This site requires me to list my email every time I type so I imagine you can reach me directly there? Thanks in advance.

  13. daniel says:

    already started it. quillian page 23 is done as of 15 minutes ago, i await joyces’ arrival to pick it up, as she is the actual coordinator. thank YOU for constructive comments and such.

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