Sam Valentine - P1 - The Knight of Hearts Client

Sam Valentine – P1 – The Knight of Hearts Client

It’s late and Sam just wants to go home and maybe wash off the grime of the city.

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  1. andrea dimaggio says:

    I’ll be perfectly happy to help Sam take a shower; preferably very hot. Whoo hoooo!

  2. Joyce says:

    Maybe a cold one for you first? πŸ™‚

  3. Darth Killer says:

    Looks like Quentin and Sam are drawn the same. Almost only the moustache makes a true diffΓ©rence. Blood relatives ? Human ancestor ?

  4. Joyce says:

    Sam is actually the older character so in a way…. But other than both having short black hair and strong noses, I don’t see them as looking that much alike. Sam’s look is based on a particular person while Quentin’s face was conceived as a masculinization of Quillian’s cuter face.

    But if they do have a common ancestor, I suppose it must be Daniel. πŸ™‚

  5. Shaharw says:

    Yay! I’m so glad to see that the new story has started!

  6. Darth Killer says:

    Of course there are differencies between the 2. Like there are differencies between a man in his 20s and his great-grandson in his own 20s. And like theme as well, there are things alike too. Hence my previous comment. πŸ˜‰

  7. Renee M says:

    Looks interesting, Erin. Sam’s figure makes me think he’s a drag king! I’ve been with a Transman, but not a drag king. If he were nice to me, I’d probably like him. He passes a lot better than my transman did!

    • Joyce says:

      Not exactly. πŸ™‚ Things may become clearer as we develop stories about Sam. As Sam says, “The mustache is fake, the attitude is real.”

  8. daniel says:

    hello, kids! it’s sure nice to be doing a new story, extra-specialy because it is a Valentine story! for me personally, this is cool, as Sam is a person near and dear to my heart; inception maybe, 9 years ago… ALWAYS wanted to do a story with Sam. thank you joyce for providing a vehicle to do so, as well as a “jumping off” point with your story, it is quite decent (or INdecent?) and is a good representation of Sam’s style. i really hope people like it, can’t wait to explore more stories and characters, ones i’ve thought would eventually fall by the wayside like most others… oh, and to all, Happy Valentine’s Day! (happy “VD”?)

  9. daniel says:

    let’s just let Sam do the talking, shall we? all will be revealed, but it’s fun to hear peoples’ theories and conjecture, don’t you think? oh by the way joyce, how are you feeling this evening?

  10. daniel says:

    so where’s all my people at? that’s right, I said it, MY people!! I OWN you, BWAIHH!!

  11. Brazenbravado says:

    is this still quillian? or a new story?

    • Joyce says:

      New story, new characters, new setting. We’re running it on the Quillian site until we have enough pages done to give it its own site. And yes, Quillian will return.

      • Brazenbravado says:

        looks rather thought provoking would love to see some more Quillian after a while. I take it this the same creative group from that.

  12. Julia Phillips says:

    Er…sorry to be a little pedantic – but ‘Neighbourhood’ (Englsih English) and ‘Neighborhood’ (American English) both have an ‘h’ after the ‘g’. Other than that, a super start.

  13. michael di noto says:

    You got my interest up! When are you going to cotinue your story? I watched every episode of Quillian and am interested in this one also! Thank you , Mike

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