Sam Valentine -P4- A Nail for My Coffin

Sam Valentine -P4- A Nail for My Coffin

A cheap room and an expensive suit, what more could you want?

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Posted on March 9, 2011 at 1:14 am in Sam Valentine as part of The Knight of Hearts Client « volume and tagged with . Follow responses to this post with the comments feed. You can leave a comment or trackback from your own site.

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  1. andrea dimaggio says:

    Oh….I dunno…I can think of a few things. Nice lamp!

    • daniel says:

      how would you like to enter the first ever “win-a-date-with-sam” contest? details are sketchy at this time, but stay posted.

  2. Shaharw says:

    Gotta love those underwear with the hearts!

    • daniel says:

      since the buzz word these days seems to be “homage”, i will say that the boxers with hearts were just what i was looking for. mens’ wear, valentine hearts, it works for sam… it is howerever an homage to cartoon history that she wears them, how many times have you seen the same thing, a guy is left wearing these same cliched unmentionables? i dunno how long they’ve been around, or who was the originator, but they really are iconic i think.

  3. Chernobog says:

    Cheap rent? Well, I know she doesn’t live in Jersey then, heh heh.

    • daniel says:

      so how much does a gallon of milk cost around were you are, Chern? a pack of cigarettes? i say legalize gambling to collect revenue…

      • Chernobog says:

        I think a gallon of milk is just under $4, but it fluctuates based on gas prices. Cigs, I couldn’t say. Not a smoker. Not cheap from what everyone else says.

        We do have some legalized gambling here, though. Atlantic City, most notably. But there’s also OTB parlors (off track betting) in several towns. People were worried they’d attract crime, but they don’t seem to have made more problems.

        • daniel says:

          of course here in So Cal, we have several casinos, but they are all on tribal lands. it has been my experience that a certain “element” (if not outwardly criminal) tends to flock to these hotspots. as far as taxation ec., well i could talk politics for literally seconds on end, but not here… on a side note, i am compiling lists which i would like to offer to you guys, the core viewers, as sort of a little game. e.g. A list of movie titles, like this, “proper name” preceded by a verb ending in “ing”. to start you off, how about “Being John Malkovich”, or “Finding Nemo”? i have other similar lists in progress, but this one so far is the most challenging. maybe there,s a way to narrow it down on one of these new-fangled search engines… hey keep up the great work on your comic Chern, if i can afford it, i would love to buy a nice hardcopy collection, should one become available.

          • Chernobog says:

            I wouldn’t mind seeing a native american casino at some point. I’ve visited a few in AC… they’re fancy. Taj Majal, Tropicana, etc, lots of nice carpeting, mirrors everywhere. But I never got much into gambling. I grew up in a quasi-carnival town so I was raised to know how bad the odds are stacked. XD

            Sounds like a fun game. I admit, I’m having a tough time thinking of some movies. ‘Killing Zoey’ is the only one that comes to mind. Good film.

            Thanks for the support. I’d love to merchandise someday, but I don’t think I’ve really got the comic for it. The early stuff is very rough. I started drawing it around 2 years of barely picking up the pen, so to speak. That said, I don’t have your artistic chops. For me, it was either do something in webcomics or get ignored in writing amongst a sea of Final Fantasy fanfics or something. Really nothing much out there for amateur writing.

          • daniel says:

            I’m just saying that i am a fan of your style, the subjects are posed very nicely, good hands, facial expressions. still, the thing you have the knack for are the character designs, they are really cool in a “popular” way (which i mean as a compliment!) but just outside the normal or average. cool, i’m saying. they do justice to a good (and lengthy) story you have created… well, i don’t think there will be a sam v tonight, i hadda work all week and end (cue violins, audience track:”awww…”) NOT!!

  4. Sadarsa says:

    I dunno… “Sam” looks more like a “Samantha” to me.

    im just waiting for sam to ditch the shirt, so we can once and for all see the bra strap

  5. Olivia-Kate says:

    Searching for Bobby Fischer, or Finding Mister Goodbar. I can think of a few more if I put my mind to it.

    • Joyce says:

      That was Looking for Mr. Goodbar, I think. But those two don’t quite fit the pattern since they have a preposition between the predicate and the noun.

  6. Fwee says:

    Soooo….is this dead now?

  7. Dragonrider says:

    Is this dead, hiatus or???? Driving Miss Daisy

  8. Indea Neal-Leslie says:

    I assume this comic and site is dead now, sad.

  9. xexter says:

    Is this comic DOA?

  10. Comichero says:

    Joyce I wish you and your comics a speedy reutrn to actiion and hope that things get back on course for ya but It’s understandable I”l be here waiting for your return

  11. Brooke says:

    Hi there! Just wondering when you’ll be updating next. Been waiting for Sam to come back!

    • Joyce says:

      For everyone wondering, yes, Sam Valentine will be continued. We are currently working on new artwork for a 26 page story which we hope to be running 2 or 3 pages at a time this fall.

      There will also be new artwork for Quillian, some pages re-inked or re-drawn.

  12. Kenneth says:

    It is obviously cool. However, Mr. Amperduke is still the best comic I have ever met.

    Chech this sample screenshot :

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