Sam Valentine -P2- How Ba-ad Could It Be?

Sam Valentine -P2- How Ba-ad Could It Be?

Restraint is the hallmark of a superior morality. That or being tired has saved more dumbasses than one.

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  1. Brazenbravado says:

    Is this watercolor? Sorry, not used to seeing swearing in a comic, but it is okay.

    • Joyce says:

      No, it’s pen and ink. Daniel has an unusual technique. Sam Valentine is a bit grittier but there’s no swearing so far, just a bit of vulgarity.

  2. andrea dimaggio says:

    I’m convinced that Ronnie suffers from classic Projection. Oh, and Sam can look at me any time she wishes!

  3. j says:

    I really like the artwork. It’s the most impressive I think I have ever seen on a webcomic.
    As it is only the begining of the story it’s hard to say much of it, but I looks promising. One question though- It seemed obvious to me sam is a girl (body+feminine face) and the mostach is painted. I was just wondering how come that guy didn’t notice that..Or am I completely wrong and sam is a guy?

    • Joyce says:

      Sam is female. Just because the guy didn’t say anything about it, doesn’t mean much one way or another about whether he noticed. One of the slogans of this comic though is, “The mustache is painted on, the attitude is real.” I think Ronnie reacted to Sam’s attitude, not the mustache. 🙂 Glad you like the strip.

  4. daniel says:

    thanx j, for your comment! (maybe you dont look at too many comics though?) the thing about sam is that she often gets mistaken for an effeminate male… though she doesnt care one way or another. i wont say more yet but youll see in time i hope. thank you for reading! comment as often as you like, if not more!

  5. Chernobog says:

    Good to see some updates here again. 🙂
    Curious; what does Sam ‘sound’ like? I’m imagining somewhat husky or accented.

    • Joyce says:

      I imagine Sam’s voice to be a common variety alto but without the typical feminine lilt. Lots more women are altos than one would suppose because women tend to pitch their voices up when speaking, just as men pitch theirs down in western societies.

      I don’t think Sam makes a particular effort one way or another, she just naturally has a low enough voice and a natural way of speaking that is rather androgynous.

      As far as accent goes, one of Sam’s ancestors was probably immigrant Italian, but Sam herself has no particular accent other than American.

    • daniel says:

      hey Chern how are you and nice work on your comic. really awesome looking characters, but i’ve said that before, no? sams’ face is based on a real actress, so i imagine her voice is like hers, joyce printed me out 40-50 pics of her, which i (at least try!) to copy were appropriate. i dont know if i did a very good job on them, but at any rate they might be consistent… oh, and the real person isn’t really famous, at least not here in the states.

  6. Caz says:

    Just discovered this comic and i’m liking it. When do you guys update?

    And is Sam a Dragking or a FTM transexual? Either way, it looks interesting and i can’t wait to read more.

    • Joyce says:

      Glad you like it. And Sam is basically a crossdresser, a dragking is a performer. We update Sunday evenings, near midnight East Coast time.

      Women can crossdress without much comment in our society, unless of course, you paint on a mustache. Sort of a clue to Sam’s character there. 🙂

    • daniel says:

      this wouldnt happen to be “Caz Bearmon”‘ would it? just asking… thanks for reading! give it some time, i am really busy these days, as is joyce as well i think.

  7. Joyce says:

    Feb 28 update delayed due to outside work. Please check back later in the week.

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