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Thursday we had our first real update day since the site opened and we scored 1100 page views. Considering that there are only four pages up so far, that’s not bad. Almost 500 different people visited the site and we rang up another 80 cents from Der Google. I just love saying Der Google. All in all, a pretty good beginning. I’m still spending about $2 a day on Project Wonderful ads which net about 200 visitors a day, most of them new. I hope that many of the new people will come back each half week to see what  we’re doing. Page five goes up tonight, we have two more finished pages for next week’s updates and five almost finished ones. If we ever get ten strips ahead, I’ll switch to three times a week updates. Mostly, that depends on how much time Daniel has for working on the art. And that mostly depends on income from other sources right now. Steady jobs are not easy to come by now, on the one hand, then again, working steady isn’t the best way to have time to do art, either. It takes four or five hours per page for the pencils and inks on Daniel’s end. He’ll probably get faster as he works out just how to do this; he’s good but he’s new at it. I’m spending about the same amount of time per page what with writing, lettering and running the website. At minimum, for a twice a week strip, we really need about $1000 a month to pay for time and expenses, or about $200 a month just for expenses. Ain’t going to happen soon, is it? 🙂 Maybe by mid-summer we can think about meeting expenses. – Joyce
We should have called the strip “Tails of Quillian” maybe?
Words and letters by Joyce Melton. Pencils and inks by Daniel Ford. Copyright 2010 by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford
A few people this afternoon got to see tomorrow’s comic in place of Sunday’s. Somehow, I messed up the uploading of tonight’s files and it took me about three hours to straighten it out. All is well now and tomorrow’s comic will go up at five after midnight, PDT. I promise not to make the same mistake in exactly the same way next time. We’re very creative here and can always come up with some unusual way to screw things up.