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Well, the site is beginning to come together. I’ve got a custom logo up now, google ads on the side, buttons for selling original artwork in the archives and front page, a few comments have been made and traffic is growing. I’ll have Project Wonderful ads onsite probably tomorrow but I’m already advertising the site on PW now and we’re getting some nice clicks. Hope a few of these new people leave comments but the important thing is that they come back. Talked to Daniel yesterday and he’s working away on pages 8-12, I’ll be able to see what the sketches and layouts look like tonight. I saw his thumbnails on Friday and they looked good. Page 12 is, I think, the first transformation of Quillian back to her human form which should look good, it’s a three-quarter page splash. If we can get this where it pays Daniel to stay home and draw, we can easily do three updates a week and launch another project or two. Maybe I should put up a donate button or two? Or sell sketches? We need to build up more traffic to make this work, so that means spending money on ads, time on networking and more time on getting more updates done. Lots to do and most of it fun. 🙂 – Joyce
We earned our first money off of Quillian. 🙂 The Google ads I put up today earned 61 cents in just about eight hours. Woo hoo! Of course, I’ve spent about $550 in supplies, software, a big scanner, website costs and I’m currently spending $2 a day in advertising the site on Project Wonderful. So, while we have our first revenue, we have yet to turn a profit. 🙂 Still, Woo hoo! It’s not that we are moneygrubbers but that Daniel in particular needs some form of income, so the idea of doing the webcomic is that it will put some amount of money in his pocket or perhaps lead to a paying job with someone. Myself, I’ve agreed to take expenses out of my half of the earnings of the comic, if there are in fact any earnings, and Daniel gets to keep the full price of any art sold while I make a little bit off of the shipping and handling. So, someone buy Daniel’s art. There’s a button under every page of the comic and soon, perhaps, we will have sketches and perhaps even commissions to sell. That money will go almost direct to Daniel with only a brief stop in my PayPal account. At $30 to $50 bucks a page of original art (plus shipping), he’s making less than minimum wage but figuring to eventually make some return off of the website and comic. And maybe donation premiums? I don’t know yet, but all of that is something to think about. Even t-shirts eventually, I suppose. One thing we do have planned is a printed comic book. Probably the first one will be with one of the POD comic publishers so we can keep upfront costs down. The first story arc, “Teenager from Hell”, will run about 40 pages and that will make a nice size comic with maybe a few pages of goodies added. It’s late and I’m rambling. Next comic page should go up about 10 pm Wednesday night PDT, dated Thursday. – Joyce
Sometimes people arrive in the middle of the night and just look hungry. Of course, this isn’t Quillian’s room and the host seems to be a bit indisposed — or disposed all over the floor.
Words and letters by Joyce Melton. Pencils and inks by Daniel Ford. Copyright 2010 by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford