Teenager P12 Meanwhile, Back in the Closet

Teenager P12 Meanwhile, Back in the Closet

Inside, outside, who’s the real side?

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  1. Terry says:

    Whoa! I didn’t see that coming. That’s a nice gender bending complication.

    Is Q still transitioning in panel 2? I’m guessing, yes. That’s a mighty feminine backside there. Yowza!

    It looks like Inkypus is still around. I’m guessing that’s who’s trying to remind Q to put on pants. Funny and cute.

    An extra manuscript section used to show up that would spell everything out but it’s not on this page. That’s probably for the best because it was distracting.

    Thanks for another great page. 🙂

    • Terry says:

      Oops. It’s a transcript, not a manuscript. Like… whatever. :p

      • Joyce says:

        I’ll add the transcript later, but you know, there’s a hide transcript button. 🙂

        And Inkypus is thinking, not talking. It isn’t clear if Q can hear him and I ain’t saying yet. 🙂

        • Terry says:

          Yes, I realized that Inkypus was thinking and not talking. That’s why I said he was trying to tell Q about the pants. You’re right. It isn’t clear whether Q can hear him. Meanie.

          I just got back from a power walk and while I was walking, I was trying to figure out Q’s true and preferred gender. I thought that Q’s parents might have wanted a male child so they set his human form to male. Then I wondered about Inkypus. Inkypus is male so that made me think Q is fundamentally male, but that begs the question of why Q is female as a demon. Arrggg. Enough wishy-washy speculation. I only put it out there for your amusement and possible speculation by others.

          The only thing that I can say with certainty is thank you for the comic. Thanks.

  2. Grovr says:

    Quentin does look like he has problems. Inkypus is aware of what’s going even in this state. Even male that means he has peeking Inkpus! Wondering too if it normal for Quentin to appears so feminine at least from the back. 🙂


  3. Azure says:

    Whoa! Talk about taking “spies like us” literally. First thing I thought when I saw Quentin Williams is the scene where Dan Akroyd accuses Chevy Chase of “thinking with his dick.”

    Chevy Chase: “I say we follow them (her).”

    Dan Akroyd: “You’re thinking with your dick.”

    Chevy Chase: “Well, they’re heading to the border, and they may know a way in that we don’t.”

    Dan Akroyd: “Perhaps your dick is not so dumb.”

    Chevy Chase: “Got me through high school.”

  4. daniel ford says:

    i just want to clear up any confusion (at least for non-fictional people ?) yes quillian/quentin is still undergoing transformational “changes” , up to , but not limited to, panel four. so with that in mind, i wanted to accentuate certain “attributes” and (hopefully) make it readilly appareny that Q is female. (hence the “shapely” derriere’?) i racked my brain for ways to visualise the whole thing, and frankly, some ideas were just too far out (even for quillian) to consider their inclusion… i’m saving some of the more “unique” ideas for future pages, or for different material altogether! but i do just want to say thank you to all who look at us. btw, would anyone like to see quillian toys??? p.s. rip Frank Frazetta…

  5. Lachlainn says:

    Obviously ‘she’ must have a male and female human form which is changeable to suit whatever situation Q is in.

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