Quillian P42 Another Moonset...

Quillian P42 Another Moonset…

…another sunrise. Teenager From Hell ends, just in time for All Souls Day.

Hope you enjoyed the show, please join us when Quillian returns in book two… After Midnight.

Meanwhile, who is Sam Valentine?

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  1. andrea dimaggio says:

    And now that there’s moonset…back to boy mode she goes…oh well disappoint me…I could get used to him i suppose….

  2. Chernobog says:

    Nice little segue. Kinda curious how long it took Q to ‘deflate’ though.

  3. Terry says:

    Q Pair: We need air support. ASAP.

    J/D: Roger that. Coming soon in book 2. Hang on.

    Q Pair: *sigh*

    T Nut/Battypus: Thanks for book 1!

    • Joyce says:

      We’re probably going to take the rest of November off. Hope you guys miss us. 🙂

      • Terry says:

        I’ll miss you, especially since I’ll probably forget you told me you’re planning on taking a month off. 🙂

      • Marlene says:

        To paraphrase from an old commercial for a breakfast drink: “A day without Quillian is like a day without sunshine!”

        Also… tomorrow, November 2nd is Election Day! Please make your poll workers happy by getting out and vote, if you haven’t done so already!

      • Sadarsa says:

        Nuuuuu….. Your supposed to take DECEMBER off…. not November…. Silly!

        hummm…. but then again perhaps we’ll find a special Christmas Q page in our stockings!! >.>

        • Joyce says:

          There will be things appearing, including color pages, posters being offered, a preview of the comic book cover. Some other stuff.

          Plan is to use this time to develop another property, then return to Quillian early next year.

  4. Natalie says:

    Ah, this is a nice little wrap-up page. Inkypus probably looks pleased because of the view- just because he’s seen it before doesn’t prevent it from being a worthwhile one. Also, they can come back and torture ‘Yddiot’ later now that the monsters aren’t walking the Earth. Even if they’re being tortured in Hell, they’re probably better off there- almost everyone is a monster (in any sense of the word) there and not all of them have cool powers.

    • Joyce says:

      We’ll get to just what happened to the swallowees in After Midnight, which may well be After January. In the meantime, Who is Sam Valentine?

  5. Xavier Price says:

    After midnight, we gonna let it all hang down!

  6. daymon34 says:

    Well that was a big meal, so Q is forgiven for not catching that crazy person.

    Yes dating could be real interesting, and explaining why he wears girl underware would be funny to see.

  7. comichero says:

    awwwww poor Q well i’d deffinatly hang out with you no explantion needed im totaly kosher with the dualality of your existants

    • Joyce says:

      Are demons kosher? Hoodathunkit?

      • comichero says:

        well during my culinary training it was my understanding that anything given sufficant time could be througly kosherfied but i think if you try to kosher a demon you would kill it as kosher mean to purify and make holy non kosher kitchens have to blessed and sactified by the clergy before and bamitzva, barmitzva or wedding and i mean every peice of equpiment or untinsel that willbe used has to be blessed also the deffrence bewtween a ba and barmitzva is one is for a girl the other is for a boy if you were curious so long story short it might be a bad idea to kosherize my Q-buddy either way i love’em and accept’em

  8. Kathleen says:

    Isn’t Sam Valentine a cartoon Detective dog thingy? *goes to look it up*

  9. Isis says:

    Aww!All of November off?? Well, do enjoy it. I love your comic. Know that you have at least one fan in Trinidad & Tobago who thinks that your artwork and storylines are truly awesome. Thanks much and can’t wait to see what’s up next!

    • Joyce says:

      We may have a color page or two go up in November. But we’re working on another project to be launched in February, and we need a rest. 🙂 I’d like to have some comics and posters and stuff to sell by next year. Anyone interested in posters, comics or original art?

  10. Azz says:

    Has the story died?

  11. John says:

    It’s been over a year, any news about updates?

  12. Linda says:

    Any news went the story will start back up??

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