Quillian P41 Dinner Date

Quillian P41 Dinner Date

Quillian proves she’s not a finicky eater!

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  1. andrea dimaggio says:

    Well, it certainly is high protein/low carb!

  2. Terry says:

    Shouldn’t the monsters go to Hell? Shouldn’t they be in another dimension instead of inside Q’s digestive tract? Maybe her digestive tract is Hell, or a form of hell. Heh.

    Nice touch with Inkypus taking care of the digestive gases. That was a hell of a belch. 🙂

    Thanks, Dan! Thanks, Joyce!

    • Terry says:

      Oops. I meant, thanks, Daniel. It’s Daniel! Sowwy. 🙂

      Oh. As long as I’m here, what about Ydde? How could he have escaped the maw? What the hell?! Grrrrrr. Sic him!

      • Joyce says:

        There’s an explanation we didn’t get into for how Ydde escaped. Couldn’t figure out how to do it in the story without slowing down the action. Basically, Quillian isn’t a powerful enough demon to swallow a live person. The monsters were dead souls.

  3. leafsword says:

    Oh no! he’s getting away!
    and Q looks… kinda….you know….

  4. Kelly Blake says:

    OMG!!! Talk about massive hair balls!!!!!!!!

    • Joyce says:

      Epic Hair Ball would be a good name for the furry guy. 🙂

      • Uhl says:

        “How you know ‘Hairball’ name? You make fun of ‘Hairball’? No one make fun of Hairball!!!” Source, Uncanny X-Men. X-Men vs Sinister in “The Savage Land.”

        • Joyce says:

          I remember that! Was that a Steve Gerber script? Sounds like his sense of humor.

        • daymon34 says:

          I thought his name was ‘Hairbag’, see how you are I am now going to watch that when I get home and see. Could be different in the animated from the comic.

          • Uhl says:

            Indeed, in the animated form it IS “Hairbag.” Wolverine gets pelted with a rather powerful sonic attack after Hairbag’s little rant.

  5. Chernobog says:

    She best hope daylight doesn’t come soon. I’m wondering what this is going to mean for Quentin, if anything.

    Next fight: Quillian versus the haunted all you can eat buffet

  6. Xavier Price says:

    Science cannot explain everything, man. Not yet, anyway. so NEH!


  7. Leafsword says:

    I’m confused on a few things here:
    1:What makes Q change? Time? When she wants to? Or is it 50-50 (change at will in morning, change to demon at midnight beyond her control, etc.)
    2:What are the limits of Q’s shapeshifting? Humanoids only or completely free?
    3:How tall is Q at each form she’s got?(Quentin, Quillian and Super Q.)
    4: Where do the souls go now?
    And 5: not a question, but there’s a typo on page 40. I think you meant “Liars!” instead of “Liars1”
    Love the comic, but these have been bugging me.

    • Joyce says:

      Some answers. Not all because we’re deliberately leaving some questions to answer in later episodes.

      1&2. Q does not understand the changing all that well, either. Future stories will explore when and how much she can and must change shape.
      3. Quentin is about 5’10”. Quillian is about 6’6″ (not counting wings) because of her elongated lower legs, with normal human legs she would be about 5’4″. Super Q is more than 8′ tall, apparently. Daniel drew her as closer to 10′ tall and that’s not too tall so we’ll probably go with that in the future.
      4. To Hell. More info will require another story.
      5. There are more typos than that! LOL. Such things will be mended in the future.

      Hope that helped with any info-itches. 🙂

  8. daymon34 says:

    Yeah that site would make me run for the hills, that or die from being scared to death.

    Now Q has to get over the bloat and catch him again before he does that to more people.

  9. comichero says:

    Oh wow that is one heck of an iron stomach Q has is it wrong to think Q looks preggy and cute? I hope Q is feeling wellenoughto smite the freaky wawrlock dude great page joyce

  10. Natalie says:

    *chuckles* I do like how she appears to be lumpy! Thinking about it, seeing a ‘lumpy’ Quillian would be far scarier than a mere swollen belly. I’m thinking Ydde may be scared stiff of playing with more ‘procedures’ for the time being, so the students are safe for at least a week. Or he’s going to be enraged that his beloved monsters are gone, and a whole frathouse will explode…
    I think it would be amusing if there were different levels of Hell, but also different kinds of Hell, some so benign that it’s pretty much Limbo. I’m now chortlin’ at the idea of Quillian’s dad working in an office there (because even successful free-lance torturers need a conventional job when they have a family)- she visits him and finds Ptarro at the front desk. Better to serve a great entity in Hell than serve a meglomaniac Zapp Branigan of a professor on Earth! Unlikely, entirely, but still amusing!

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