Quillian P39 Feats Do Your Stuff!

Quillian P39 Feats Do Your Stuff!

Ydde can’t escape–can he?

Haven’t our heroes got him–right where he wants to be?

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  1. MadMann135 says:

    Two things. First how can anyone confuse science with magic and two another thing Inkypus knows that Quillian does not… what is with that (saber-tooth) eggplant?

    • Joyce says:

      People confuse magic with science all the time, there are even columns in the newspapers for such pseudo-science. 🙂 And yeah, Inkypus has lots more time to think, usually.

  2. Andrea Lena DiMaggio says:

    Meloncholy? Well, he did say that Inkypus was a Casaba. Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad.
    – Victor Hugo And who could be sadder than an adult male whose only friends are monsters? Of course I’m wrong as usual, and it’s probably something simple! Either way, your girl looks so sad and lost her self. I’ll just content myself with knowing there’s at least one (ONE?) more episode.

  3. comichero says:

    Wooo hooo i foudn you again Yay!!! im soo happy ^^ excellant job Joyceim loving how this is trunign out lets see some demon princess devour soem souls!!! Woooo hell powers activate!!

    • Joyce says:

      I wasn’t aware we were lost. 🙂

      • comichero says:

        oh well yes you were lost to me as i had a suffered catastophic brain failure when i was re loading windows , i for got to save my favorite you and many other comics were lost to me but this week end i have found the missing 3 and you were among them so my week is starting off great ^^ i cant say the same for the professor tho seems his week is about to end painfully

        • Joyce says:

          Losing stuff when I had to re-install windows is the second main reason I switched to Macs. The other is it was less painful than surgery. 🙂

          • comichero says:

            Macs are great for you what you and other artists do also great for pod casts and or web shows but for what i do which is surg the net and play games windows is the os for me =P

  4. mittfh says:

    So presumably, at the very least, under Inky’s guidance, Q can release the souls from their current bodies. But I can’t imagine her being terribly keen on claiming them.

    On the other hand, this may be one of those universes where there isn’t a single, universal hell where souls are eternally condemned and tortured. It’s quite possible there are multiple hells – and some (perhaps the bit Q’s mother resides in) are less evil than others.

    And a ‘naked’ soul may have no innate sense of direction, so may be left on Earth where it would be extremely vulnerable to possession – after all, if Ydde knows enough magic to create monsterous bodies to house souls, there’s a chance others can do unpleasant things with souls as well.

    Or maybe I’m over-thinking this all 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      That’s probably it. 🙂 Actually, Daniel and I have talked about (meaning I’ve talked while Daniel stood there nodding, a little glassy-eyed) about Hell being an alternate dimension where powerful beings rule through magic. It just looks like a place of eternal punishment. But if it were really hell, think of all the cable guys who are probably there. I’m sure you can totally get an appointment any time you need!

      • Faraway says:

        Riiiiight. So anyway, I can see Q absorbing the souls inside her body – and growing four more tails! 😀

      • mittfh says:

        “Get an appointment any time you need!”

        Ah, but hell is also the land of bureaucracy, so to get your appointment, you would have to fill in forms D37, C18 and F24 in black ink, block capitals and in triplicate. The cable guy would then use those forms to fill in forms J31, T73 and K28, again in black ink, block capitals and triplicate and get them signed off by his line manager, who then….

        …eventually, after passing through five tiers of management, assuming all the forms have been filled in correctly, the appointment is granted.

        But, oh no! Some dozy clerk used the wrong shade of black! Of course, it isn’t sufficient to just resubmit the forms from that point on, as all the forms will now have the incorrect date on. So the entire process begins again…

        So about 300 years after the technology has been superseded, the cable guy eventually turns up on your doorstep, armed with a small toolbox and a filing cabinet worth of forms you have to fill in to certify that the work has been done correctly, to the required standard, on time and on budget. Which, of course, must again be filled in in triplicate. 🙂

  5. Terry says:

    Hey. When did Inkypus start talking funny? Are his fangs still growing?

    Ydde’s a monster’s boy! What a wimp, in a dangerous, soul stealing kind of way.

    As for the shouls… I mean souls, collecting them is easier said than done I think. Just exactly how does one collect souls? The devil is in the details. 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      That’s as good an explanation as any. 🙂 Actually, Inky is excited and getting sloppy talking around the fangs he isn’t used to having.

      And yes, the demon is in the details. 🙂

  6. Leafsword says:

    Just an idea thats relatively irrelevant- why doesn’t Quillian make her human appearance female? Girls probably wouldn’t get flakked for wearing scanty feminine underwear, and there are less physical changes overall.

    • Joyce says:

      Probably because Quentin grew up thinking he was a human boy. But things are even more complex than that and much of those details won’t be revealed even in the next storyline.

      • mittfh says:

        Uh oh, you’re not doing a Diane Castle and having timeline years’ worth of notes on plot development stored away, are you? 🙂

        • Joyce says:

          Nah, it’s all in my head. Daniel and I talk it out and sometimes I make notes. But I do have the next three storylines planned out.

    • Darth Killer says:

      Isn’t it more like 2 entities – Quentin and Quillian, bounded together ? In a way the same as Jason Blodd and Etrigan, except Blood was forced and cursed where Quentin seems to have been willingly bounded to Quillian. For Quillian, being bounded to a human of opposite sex would be an excellent hiding strategy though maybe the idea didn’t come from her but more likely from her mum… :-°

      • Joyce says:

        Not really. Quentin and Quillian have the same consciousness, though they act differently depending on which body they are in. Not that different from the fact that any ordinary teenage acts differently when with their friends, in school, at church, at home or with strangers.

        And yet, things are really more complex than that. 🙂 If the strip goes on long enough, all the backstory will come out.

  7. Chernobog says:

    Looks like some bad stuff is about to go down. 😀

  8. daniel says:

    all this talk about hell has me thinking, (which usually never works out) i would think hell itself wasn’t necesarrily a bad place, but rather it is a place that is simply out of sight of god, or nature, or whatever forces are at work here on our beautiful planet. sure, lots of bad stuff happens here, but there seems to be some semblance of balance in the long run. imagine a place were none of those “laws” apply, and you get hell, a place left only to the will and vices of lesser beings. it,s what you (or they) make of it.

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