Quillian P38 You Know How to Whistle?

Quillian P38 You Know How to Whistle?

Quillian feels good, like a demonette should!

Meanwhile, Ydde tries to call the Brute Squad.

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  1. daniel says:

    what’s “karking”, or do i wanna know? … quillian:”i’m ON the brute squad!” ydde:”you ARE the brute squad!”

  2. Andrea DiMaggio says:

    She feels good (dadadadadadada) like I knew she would (dadadadadada) She feels good (dadadadadadada) like a demonette should (dadadadadadada) So good, so good…Inkypus too (da da da da daaaaaa!) He better dread (dadadadadadada) that she’d rip off his head (dadadadadadada) He better dread (dadadadadadada) or he might wind up dead (dadadadadadada) Should dread must dread….Inkypus too! (da da da da daaaaa!) [long sax solo]

  3. Terry says:

    Wow! Q looks so demonic! Very cool.

    I think Inkypus might be having too much fun but I’ll cut him some slack. Ydde deserves much worse than to kark in his panties after what he’s been doing to students.

    I wonder what the ptarro will think of his sweetheart now. Will it be love? Or will it be fear? Perhaps a combination of the two. Shock and awe! I can’t wait. 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      It should be interesting. 🙂

      • Terry says:

        Oh! Hey. Just for fun….

        It might be nice to have Q give chase and to let Inkypus bite Ydde, preferably on his rump. The bite could rip off a nice chunk of clothing that might be made into a crude bikini top. Yeah! It could happen. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  4. MadMann135 says:

    And yet she still remains hot.

    One would think that if they share the same mind that they would not need to speak with each other. But this is your comic so you have your reasons.

    Still it only makes the guy’s fear even more funny because they are talking about how they want to scare him. As ‘evil masterminds’ go, he seems to be a coward when dealing with monsters he did not create.

    • Joyce says:

      Like it would be very boring to do it any other way? 🙂

      I don’t know that I’ve said they share the same mind, I think that’s your interpretation of something I did say. They are parts of a whole. They have access to each other’s memories but not necessarily consciously unless they make the effort. The easy way to understand their relationship is not to ask for an explanation but to observe how they interact. 🙂

    • Randalynn says:

      There is a different type treatment when they’re speaking to each other. Maybe they’re whispering? Because Ydde doesn’t appear to be registering their interplay at all.

  5. daymon34 says:

    A good laugh is a must at family reunions. Maybe they make a game out of it. How many humans can you get to faint or have a heart attack.

  6. Xavier Price says:

    Do you know how to whistle? You put your lips together and- OH MY GOD RUN AWAY!!

    • Joyce says:

      I think it was the slurping, uh, slavering, that got to him. 🙂

      • Azure says:

        As opposed to the “damn” dog whistle. Yes, Q, it’s a dog whistle from HELL, Cerberus should be here in just a moment. ;).

        • Joyce says:

          Well, Cerberus would make a good obverse for a coin featuring Quillian. Then when you asked, “Heads or tails?” people would know you weren’t kidding about being random. 🙂

          • Belle Meade says:

            Cerberus might make a good obverse, but the reality of the cost of Mighty Dog for a giant Canine with three heads would be prohibitive! BTW, Does Inky have a hard time with Halloween? I mean you’d think being on the tail end of a demoness would fit the holiday, but he has to feel a bit disturbed at all the fellow gourds maimed and disfigured on front porches and steps? Belle

          • Joyce says:

            I think Inkypus’s basic bloody-mindedness would help him avoid feeling any empathy for his orange cousins. 🙂 After all, he’s not really a gourd, he’s a Venus flytrap who only looks like an eggplant. Ain’t evolution wonderful? 🙂

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