Quillian P37 Contradiction in Terms?

Quillian P37 Contradiction in Terms?

A buff demonette! Why not?

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  1. Andrea Lena DiMaggio says:

    Esagerato? Lo non la penso così! Does she need a sidekick besides our favorite gourd? Hell, I’d settle for a body even a quarter or an eighth as nice as that! Ydde isn’t real?

    • Joyce says:

      “Too much? I don’t think so.” At least, I think I’m translating correctly, I don’t speak Italian but I do speak Spanish. 🙂

      I’m not sure what you mean by the comment about Ydde. He’s real enough. 🙂

      • Andrea Lena DiMaggio says:

        Never trust Google entirely….

        Ydde Haq, an Arabic formula meaning “Remember Reality” oh well… so if that was the real meaning, Ydde the character wouldn’t be real? But obviously I screwed that one royally… where did the name Ydde come from..there’s a character in the Star Wars universe named Ydde, but who knows… either way, may i buff the demonette?

  2. Chernobog says:

    Yee heh heh, supercharged Quillian! Looks pretty cool, actually. She’s gone from lithe to barbed tank. XD

    Looks like Ydde’s got something to fix this, perhaps. Whatever he does, I’m assuming he knows enough to be quick about it. A horse kick from Super Q looks like it’d be enough to shatter his entire bone structure. Holy hand grenade of Antioch, maybe?

    Come to think of it, this is probably his first encounter with an apparent gender differentiated host to demon form. I wonder what conclusions he’ll draw from this encounter, assuming he’s not pulverized in the next minute.

  3. MadMann135 says:

    And somehow she remains sexy …except for Inkypus.

  4. Terry says:

    Wow! Now that’s a demon princess! And Inkypus is Court Jester Supreme!

    You’ve outdone yourself, Daniel. Good job!

    I wonder if Ydde’s spell didn’t add to the transformation in this case. Or has Q always been able to transform like this and just chooses not to use it. Maybe it’s only for special occasions with her parents. Cool!

    • Joyce says:

      Yeah, Daniel’s art is killer today. 🙂 Good questions and thoughts you raise, I’ll just say there is lots about Quillian’s powers that she doesn’t know herself.

      • Terry says:

        Oh. I forgot to mention the missing bikini top. I think the page is a bit of a cop out but I understand. Hopefully, the next page will deal with the problem. I wouldn’t want to go flashing anyone, especially not a mad scientist.

  5. Faraway says:

    Tom Stabbo and Harrienda also got a makeover!

    One got into a goth stage, and the other… Well the other may have even decided to change the last name! 😀

    Also, if Quillian can be so scary, can you imagine how scary will Quillian’s Mom be? Especially considering the rule of Moms – “Moms are scary”? 👿

  6. daniel says:

    i always thought of mirabel(that her name) as being a “classic” type of beauty like kim novak or even sandra dee it reminds me of a hapless (though not helpless) goblin girl created by my brother and our good friend some years back but that”s a different story i”d like to blow this up into a door poster as i only have room in my room for flat objects?

  7. maark30 says:

    I am wonderinf though, did Q grow up as a human male just to find out he is realy a demon she? If so what whould be his/her orientation? more toward male trait of female traits??

  8. mittfh says:

    I must say, given she’s now about 10-12′ tall, the string on her bikini bottom must be pretty darn elastic…

    Even if Inky could produce the bikini top, I doubt it would fit her any more. I’m guessing the next edition or few will have some very strategically placed tails / vegetation / monsters etc.

    Then possibly in a month or two’s time, we’ll discover if she can shrink back to normal size, or, indeed, revert to her daytime form.

    • Terry says:

      But it’s demon spider silk! It’ll stretch, and it’ll look even sexier. You’ll see.

      • Sadarsa says:

        lol i dunno about that.. the string on that bikini looks about ready to pop…

        might explain what happened to the top…

        • Joyce says:

          If you look back on the first transformation to Quillian, you’ll see that inkypus provides the top from somewhere. I think he keeps it in his utility belt. 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      Well, she’s not actually 10 or 12 feet tall. It’s more like 7 or 8 feet. The thing is, we’re looking up at her from down around her knees. 🙂

      • Lunaroki says:

        So then Ydde isn’t directly behind her right leg? He’s actually a few yards back? Because the perspective makes it look like he’s cowering directly behind her right foot and he wouldn’t reach past the top of her thigh if standing fully upright.

        • Joyce says:

          Call it dramatic license or a subjective view. I’m sure that to Ydde right now, she looks ten feet tall. 🙂

        • daniel says:

          i admit it’s a bad perspective, but i didn’t actually PLAN this picture, it just sort of happened. plus, i’m just not very good drawing with real ink. had i done it another way, i might have been able to soften ydde, but i didn’t have time to redo the thing.

  9. daniel says:

    joyce, how are you this evening?

  10. daniel says:

    persnickety? (that was my original comment, but it actually told me it was a “bit short”–well i NEVER!!)

  11. FlyingGekko says:

    Bwahahah… oh man, she’s gone Epic now – I love it!
    Any chance you guys have a fanart page?

  12. Natalie says:

    It would be interesting if this an immune reaction going “**** off, badly-spoken sorcery!”, but I’m thinking this is Quillian’s id brought to light- since she’s in her ‘id’ form at night, this is Quillian, but Quillian-er! Hoo boy! I think Ydde’s in trouble, even if he has a talisman in his pocket. (I do like the Forbidden Planet reference/Freudian pun)

    Oh no, speaking of Freudian puns, I just realised that can be made into a crude joke- whoops!

  13. Joyce says:

    It can? Which part? 🙂

    One of the joys of writing such things is slipping little references in that a lot of times no one gets. I’m old. 🙂

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