Quillian P36 The Demon That You Know

Quillian P36 The Demon That You Know

They say that poetry can be quite transformative….

A still forest in the moonlight… and a talking eggplant, kind of misses out on the romantic angle.

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  1. Sadarsa says:

    All hail INKY, servant to the Demon Princess Quillian!!!

    haha! loved his speach!

  2. daniel says:

    you did a nice job with the rewrite and all that joyce, thank you… i like inky’s last words spoken on this page, they’re so…+DRAMATIC+

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks. 🙂 I had fun with this one, there’s always an opportunity for a joke I didn’t think of when I see the art. I like the line about the manual. 🙂

  3. MadMann135 says:

    Quillian does not read manuals!? Are we sure she’s not human. Every human female I am familiar with does not read manuals.
    Inkypus with that speech makes it seem as if it/he/she knows more than Quillian.

    And who are Tom Stabbo and Harrienda?

    • MadMann135 says:

      Implied topless Quillian in the future. The pervert in me thanks you.

      • Joyce says:

        We’ll see what happens. 🙂

      • daniel says:

        i sort of came to that unofficial conclusion, MadMann, about inkypuss perhaps knowing more than Quillian her/himself. i think i made a comment on that subject a page ago… Tom Stabbo and Harrienda are the names of Quillian’s non-verbal tales, where those names came from, uhh, … as far as topless quillian, the very first pic i drew that would be quillian was sans clothes, but for this thing, i like a pg 13 rating, if it gets by with one. joyce and i originally planned to make her appear nude all the time, but i’m glad it didn’t happen… she’s grown on me as a real character since doing this, and i would feel awkward seeing her that way. but where is her darn top when it’s needed most?! in this situation, does modesty play a role?

        • Joyce says:

          Maybe you can draw the next four pages with her holding her hand across her chest? 🙂 Or the tails just conveniently in the way? 🙂 Or maybe Inkypus just hands (mouths?) her the top in one panel? 🙂

          • daniel says:

            without giving it away, i thought it might have been neat to draw a shredded up sweatshirt on quillian, though it might look a bit 80’s… she’s got the big hair after all.

          • Joyce says:

            Cute! But she’s not wearing the sweatshirt now. And I doubt she can get it back on over her wings. Maybe Tom Stabbo can slice it up for her so she can put it back on? Or Inkypus swallowed the bikini top, like Daffy Duck numbering his feathers, “for just such an occasion”? 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      Tom Stabbo and Harrienda are the other two tales. And QUENTIN doesn’t read manuals, Quillian seldom has opportunity. Still, Q and Q are the same person, so Quillian probably doesn’t read manuals, either.

      I don’t know any computer programmers, male or female, who read manuals, either. 🙂

      • daniel says:

        couldn’t have said it better myself… i know, i tried! but don’t you think madmann touches on some interesting concepts in relation to inkypuss?

        • Joyce says:

          Probably. Inkypus has more access to things Q knows but doesn’t know that she knows, if you know what I mean. 🙂

          • MadMann135 says:

            I get what your saying. Inkypus has better access with Quillian’s memories, subconscious and other tails.
            Though the names of Quillian’s tails are bugging me.
            Inkypus is a talking eggplant
            Tom Stabbo (I am guessing) is the tail that is spaded and bladed.
            Harrienda (I am guessing again) is the tail that looks like a lion’s tail.

            Did Quillian come up with the names when she was younger? They sound like something a young one would come up with.

          • Joyce says:

            Sort of. Inkypus thought up the names when Q was 14.

  4. daniel says:

    Ms. Melton, i had a question, does “thrice charmed” refer to quillian’s three tails?

    • Joyce says:

      Probably. Mostly, I just thought it sounded better than three-tailed. 🙂

      • Azure says:

        You wouldn’t happen to be a fan of “Charmed” would you? Thrice charmed is the most powerful magic in that show. Some spells can only be cast with and certain demons only banished by “the power of three.”

  5. Chernobog says:

    I like Inky’s speech. Somehow I suddenly imagined Inkypus onstage doing Shakespeare after the comic, with Quillian boredly crouching the other direction reading a magazine.

    • daniel says:

      Yo whattup Chern? you know, i had lots of ideas for little one-off pictures with quillian and inkypuss, one or two of them i’d like to put in a hard copy thing if that happens. think stewie and brian in the “road to” episodes of family guy.

  6. Terry says:

    Cool page! Nice job on the art, Daniel. 🙂

    I love the transformation spell. Very cool and somewhat eerie. Inkypus actually impressed me rather than amused me this time.

    I like how Ydde is befuddled. I can’t wait until he sees Q (a princess!) in her demon form. Stupid, power mad professor.

    As for the missing bikini top, didn’t Inkypus produce said top once before? I’m sure he could pull it out in the nick of time. No use panicking yet. Heh.

    Thanks for another great page, you two! 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      That’s right! He did produce the top before, though that was a well-prepared transformation. Q probably keeps the top rolled up in a pants pocket or something, it wouldn’t be very bulky.

      I wonder what it’s made of?

  7. Natalie says:

    Wait, I don’t remember the transformation hurting that much. Oh dear…
    But Inkypus, very clever. *applauds* Articulate monster heralds are ****ing scary to the unaquainted.
    I just chuckle to think of Ydde’s reaction to his other attempts, if he had bothered to be there. Such a ham.
    1st: Ahh Yes! Yes! ….WHAT? How did that happen, that’s VERY INCONVENIENT! Oh well, as the creature bows down to me, it’s not all ineffecient. Come on, you.
    2nd: AGAIN? But…I had that memorised and written down CORRECTLY. This shouldn’t have happened! Good thing the police are obsessed with inane ideas of mad bombers…Oblivious to any attempts to improve science beyond Blu-Ray, by then I will have my army…
    3rd: Stop exploding, you cowards!

    • Joyce says:

      You noticed something. 🙂

      And I love your dialog for Y. You’ve caught his pompous self-aggrandizement perfectly. He’s like a Bond villain, all wrapped up in his schemes. 🙂

  8. UncleRice says:

    Manuals, aren’t they written by demons of obfuscation? His family probably writes manuals for a living.

    • Joyce says:

      You may be right. Most manuals I’ve read lately seem to assume that you know how to do what they’re supposed to be telling you and all you need is a discussion of the irrelevant, useless parts of the mechanism. 🙂 But I doubt Qs parents actually write the manuals, being demons, they’re probably editors and it’s damned souls who do the writing.

  9. Andrea Lena DiMaggio says:

    Quillian’s Lament (With apologies to Grahame Edge)
    By the Moody Gourds

    Breathe in the night of woe
    Transformed now from head to toe!
    Readers sit astounded and then
    our hero is changed to heroine again!

    Cruel monsters beset our girl
    left alone in a dark thankless world
    Her mother from afar watches her daughter
    As she battles demons and offers no quarter!

    Cold dim-lit globe that rules the eve
    Bringing such fear that it makes us heave
    But the color which the demons dread
    Isn’t black but bluish red
    She’s babe with a tail that’s an eggplant!!!!!

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