Quillian P35 Wooden You Know?

Quillian P35 Wooden You Know?

Que is bewitched, bothered and bemildred as the saying goes and Inkypus is worried…

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  1. Joyce says:

    I can’t believe this, my internet went down just as I was putting this up… then the scheduled outage for the server hit at 5 after 11. Sheesh!

  2. Andrea Lena DiMaggio says:

    Maybe Alison likes him enough to care that he’s okay? There’s the parent in me again. I find that I’m growing fond of eggplant after decades of hating it. But I like Inkypus as a friend and not as any meal consisting of breadcrumbs, mozzerella, parmsiana and tomato sauce, si? Hope Q cam change in time.

    • Joyce says:

      I had some vegetarian lasagna once that was also gluten-free. Instead of noodles, there were slices of eggplant. And instead of meat, it had spinach. Plenty of cheese and ricotta, though, so that was okay. Only a teeny bit weird. 🙂

  3. Terry says:

    Can you say, “Rrrrrrrip?”

    I like how this little part is turning out. The Ydde-iot is gonna get a big surprise. I can’t wait.

    I will not take the art for granted. I will not take the art for granted. I will not take the art for granted.

    I like the trees! Ydde is very well drawn too. What’s the original size of the art? I’m just curious. 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      The art is drawn standard comic book size, approximately 10″ by 15″ on a sheet of 12×18 white art paper. Most comics are drawn on Bristol board but Daniel prefers paper. The inking is done with fiber pens filled with archival black ink. When things are rushed, I do the fills of blacks or grays on the computer. And I do the lettering on the computer because I usually end up rewriting the script at the last minute. 🙂 It takes Daniel 6 hours or more to do a page and the hardest part is usually figuring out what I meant in the script I gave him. 🙂

  4. MadMann135 says:

    Is death by ticked off demoness on a stupid collage professor a crime?

  5. Chernobog says:

    Inky starting to get scared, a mysterious encounter in the woods, transformation imminent… forget lasagna, that’s a good recipe for intrigue!

    Should be interesting to see this go down!

    • Joyce says:

      We sure hope so. We’re coming to the tip-off so the scripting has been more discussed than usual, even if the actual dialog is written after the art is drawn, like today.

      I actually forgot one of my best jokes since it was on a handwritten version of the script left at Daniel’s while I was home working from the computer-saved version of the prelim. Oh, well, we’re like Plains Indians who used every bit of the buffalo; no funny is ever wasted, not even that stupid-looking hangy-down part that we used to make buggy whips out of. (Do you still whip your buggy? I think it’s more modern to cream them.)

      I know I’ll recycle that joke eventually, I’ve done it before. 🙂

  6. mittfh says:

    Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting Inky to take over narration duties – even if only for one episode. It seems as though when his host’s wellbeing are at risk, Inky actually takes to sensible, coherent thinking rather than the usual snarking.

    Two things I have to wonder though…
    a) Are the tails coming out of the top of Q’s jeans, or have they ripped a nice big hole in the posterior?

    b) We know if Q remains in demon shape after sunrise, it’s “locked” so Q won’t change back to human form… so no doubt in future panels we’ll discover if changing into demon shape before midnight has a similar effect…

    • Joyce says:

      a) No. 🙂 Inkypus is coming out of the top of the jeans, Harrienda and Tom Stabbo are coming out of the legs of the jeans. I’m not sure about the condition of any hypothetical underwear, maybe we’ll see when Daniel draws the next sequence. 🙂 But yeah, I don’t think the pants are going to survive a full transformation; note that Q thought it important to save his socks.

      b) Things we know should be assessed in certain categories; things we have learned from experience, things we believe to be true because of evidence, and shit out parents told us when we were young and stupid. 🙂

  7. daniel says:

    great text on this page joyce, well done as always, but my ONLY gripe is that “Alison” has some of her butt obscured by the middle girl’s overly obtrusive orations… maybe that’s a visual representation of someone who talks too much? — i did do a picture one time of a similar situation, wherin people were actually cringing away from this guys enormous word balloon, which took up about 70% of the paper. i don’t even remember what the guy was saying, but suffice to say it was a one-sided conversation… well i was working in the store ’till 2 this morning, but it looks quite cool and good. the back room, not so much…

    • Joyce says:

      Yeah, I’ll fix the word balloon thing when we go to print. I needed someone to say something there and got in a hurry, cause it was after 10. And you asked me if the girls had names. 🙂

  8. MadMann135 says:

    I know Quillian has 2 heads but my question is how come one head is level headed, well rounded and calm while the other is a sarcastic jerk when they both lived the same life.
    Shouldn’t both be similar?

    • daniel says:

      you know, i suppose you have a point, Q and inky are like conjoined twins, living thru the same experiences, but (and i don’t write this thing) i think maybe being cooped up during the day takes it’s toll on inky’s personality, while Q gets to live all day and night? strange thing is, the longer this has gone on, i thought of inky as being older than quillian, at least not a teenager… as if he were “assigned” to quillian upon his/her birth as a familiar, but could that happen? my disbelief is already suspended after all, so maybe… i guess i’ll ask Joyce!

      • Joyce says:

        I kind of like that idea though I hadn’t thought of it before, exactly. Perhaps Q is a “new soul” and Inky is a recycled one? I dunno. Exploring things like that might take some slower-paced media than a action-based webcomic. Or at least a long series like Sandman or the Books of Magic.

    • Joyce says:

      Why? I know very few non-identical siblings that are that closely similar, they tend to be different sometimes just to be different.

      But Inkypus and Q are not just sibs, they are complementary parts of a whole being. There’s not really a brain inside that eggplant, Inkypus is quite literally, almost all mouth. 🙂 And the other two tails have personalities, too. It’s just not as obvious with them since they don’t talk.

      When Ydde used his power to put Q in a trance, Inkypus used some of Q’s rationality to try to figure out what to do. Inky tends to be Q’s more emotional side. He gets scared and angry more than Q does, where Q tends to introspection and worry while trying to be rational.

      An immediate physical threat will scare Inkypus more to begin with than it will Q. A more subtle potential threat will worry Q while Inky is likely to laugh it off.

      • MadMann135 says:

        So Quillian is more like one brain with various outputs for different parts of her personality?
        That can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

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