Quillian P32 Girls 3, Quentin 0

Quillian P32 Girls 3, Quentin 0

It’s not a contest!

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  1. Chernobog says:

    Someone’s not passing their midterms at this rate.

    The villain’s name is interesting… Dr. A.N.Y.?
    And Ydde being pronounced like ID, I assume. Clever, considering his interests.
    I think it’s a rule where fictional doctors of mad science have to have play-on-words or occupational last names.

    Greatest real life doctor last name I’ve seen was “Quackenbush”.
    So anytime you were getting some serious medical work done, you could say you were visiting a complete quack.

    • Joyce says:

      I grew up in Brawley, California. There were two doctors there who had an office together. Drs. Yellen and Hollerahn. 🙂 They actually made it to Believe it or Not along with Joe Ryba in El Centro, the world’s faster barber, shaved a man in 8.2 seconds. Jeez, I thought that was a funny sign, especially since you could see that Mr. Ryba was now almost 90 years old.

      • mittfh says:

        Near where I used to live, there’s a firm of estate agents called “Doolittle & Dalley” They’ve been in business for over 100 years so I guess the pun formed by the surnames of the founders is a little ironic…

        Back to this episode, and I spotted the rule breaking in panel 1, and I like the name of the browser (Yippee!) and search engine (Gurgle Images) – very crafty plays on two existing search providers. Not forgetting Inkypus, who *has* to have the last word, even when hidden beneath two layers of clothing and (presumably) Quentin’s Gluteus Maximus.

        • mittfh says:

          (Helps to remember which email address your gravatar’s attached to!)

        • Joyce says:

          Did you look closely at that cup? 🙂

          In one town I lived in there was a mortuary named “Byrne and Stouthitt” – pronounced Burn and Stuffit. 🙂 In Santa Ana there’s a place called “Hasty Brake and Wheel Alignment” and Jeanne and I saw the capper to all business names while on a trip to San Francisco — “Stankho and Sons Plumbing”. 🙂 Could I speak to Mrs. Stankho, please? 🙂

  2. Terry says:

    This is cute. I like the name play here.

    Yes, I saw the sign and the “star” + “dollar sign (bucks)” = “starbucks.”

    I like the placement of the poster behind Q in the last panel. It makes his face look like it’s glowing.

    Inkypus is good as always. I still wonder how he sees though. How does he know about the “mamas?”

    Oh. I have to question the placement of the three gals around the table. They seemed to have reversed position! Neat trick. 🙂

  3. Canton says:

    Y’know, I kept seeing the name “Ydde” in the tags, and I’m glad to finally see the rest of it! (And to have my suspicions confirmed about who it was linked to…)

    I wonder if those strange vibes don’t actually come from Inkypus. If anyone’s the real creeper…

  4. Lunaroki says:

    What I don’t get is why that one girl is looking at his butt and saying “EWWW!”

  5. daniel says:

    i think this page turned out okay, i sped my way thru it in an attempt to be “on time” but it was still an hour or so late. it is very odd that the girls pull switcheroos in these panels, i think they might have mystical powers; they remind me of the witches from Macbeth…

  6. Sadarsa says:

    that girl at the table is wacked… in what world is he “cute” ? O.o

  7. Jay says:

    The best one near me is gone now, but our local dentist on mainstreet has parking in the back of the building. The sign said something like “South County Dentistry, Rear Entrance” tourists were frightened.

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