Quillian P31 Escape?

Quillian P31 Escape?

Quillian and Inkypus escape! Don’t they?

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  1. Chernobog says:

    Excellent transformation sequence.
    Hrm. I think that’s the first time Inky actually smiled.

    • Joyce says:

      He’s a snarky son of a cucumber. 🙂

      • daniel says:

        special thanks to joyce for the behind-the-scenes/ making-of “tour” of putting a page together! you know, it’s sometimes hard to think of a transformation, this is what, 3? this is even more subtle than page 17, but that one is still my favorite page, maybe.

        • Joyce says:

          We had fun. 🙂 I got to show Daniel why it takes two hours and a bit over to put up a page of the comic. 🙂

          Earlier in the day, Daniel, Andrew and Wendy from the Paperback Exchange in Yucaipa gave me a surprise birthday party and I got some cool gifts. 🙂

  2. Faraway says:

    Loved the exchange in the last panel! 😀

  3. Kristin Darken says:

    Isn’t Q at risk of being stuck in demon-girl form if still in it past dawn? Either there’s a bit of leeway with the exact timing of what makes it dawn… or that’s a little misinformation from mom.

    • Joyce says:

      Well, there is that. 🙂 But sunrise isn’t over until the sun leaves the horizon.

    • Adon Rose says:

      I thought the problem was, she turns back to human at sunrise, ready or not…Cinderella-like (gotta be embarrassing if she forgets the time in the disco)…but I might be wrong there

  4. Andrea DiMaggio says:

    The worst part about this poor child’s life is the mundane daytime!

  5. Lunaroki says:

    Heh. Smart ass. Nice play on words for what is essentially a talking tail.

  6. Terry says:

    Cool! Here’s another great transition sequence. I love it. I like the first one better but this one has charm.

    Inkypus has good timing. I’m sure he popped out just after he said that.

    Now I have to wonder how Q is going to get down off the roof. He’ll be a guy wearing a string bikini! I guess he’ll take off the top but he might get just a wee bit embarrassed if he’s caught wearing the bottom piece. 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      We haven’t seen it yet but the house has an internal ladder to the roof that opens through a trapdoor in the ceiling in the hallway just outside Q’s room. It’s a big house with six bedrooms, a family room, a living room, a dining room and an office where Mrs. Fremond works.

      Besides being housekeeper, she’s a bookkeeper for several local businesses and Vice President of the St. Bartholomew’s Off Campus Residence Association. She used to be an admin assistant to a Hollywood producer but she inherited the rooming house and decided to move in and manage it for a quieter lifestyle.

      Mrs. Fremond has a private entrance and private bath. The roommates share 2.75 baths. Mrs. Fremond serves breakfast Mon-Sat at 7 a.m. and dinner Mon-Thu at 6 p.m. Food for lunches and weekend meals are in the house but Mrs. F does not cook them since the roommates are seldom all there at the same time for those meals.

      The house is a block or so from campus on a quiet residential street near the hills. The yard isn’t that big because the house was expanded to make it into a rooming house. Q’s room is in the original part of the house, near the side door.

    • Chernobog says:

      That’s what we call good innuendo, methinks. Ha ha! I always thought it was particularly kind of brave of this comic to show that as a reoccurring issue for Q.

      • daniel says:

        i hope i don’t sound too dumb, but i’m not sure what you are referring to that makes the comic brave? also Chern, i dunno how i forwarded that stuff to ya, i’m always signed in, so maybe sum1 –or someTHING is responsible!! dun- dun – DUN!!!

        • Chernobog says:

          Eh, let me put it like this. Speaking in general about the sexuality of the West?
          Females good.
          Men bad.

          At least when it comes to taking off the belt, so to speak. Call it social prudishness or whatnot, I see it all over. There are exceptions, yes, but there’s exceptions to everything. And exceptions don’t make the rule.

          So, in my opinion, it’s pretty brave to show Quentin in less than blockish boxers. He’s more comfortable with the idea of it than many would be. It’s a risque factor you don’t see much elsewhere, is what I’m getting at.

          Yes… that Forward was MOST suspicious… *puts on a Sherlock Holmes thinking cap*
          Most suspicious. *puff puff*

          • daniel says:

            when you say the “west” is there a different mindset in the east? i would venture to say that social prudes are not limited to say, the midwest, (no offense anyone, Tennessee was my home for years…Dixieland!) it may be fairly brave to do this in a story, but as of yet, there hasn’t really been a “statement” made. i dunno what it would be anyhow… with that in mind, i think it’s more of a wonder as to why quillian wears such an out fit in her female form. i mean, she’s trying to NOT be seen, but then the flipside of that would mean it didn’t really matter what she was wearing? —Ahh, this is quickly becoming disjointed crud, but at any rate, i guess boxers worn BACKWARDS would be comfortable for inkypuss. if you think this is brave, well, wait for a Sam Valentine, if we ever see one. bravery may be a somewhat dubious compliment, but most of those characters, sam in particular, wouldn’t give too much credence to anyone’s comments, pos. or neg.

          • daniel says:

            P.S. what are you *puff-puffin’* and can i have some?

          • Chernobog says:

            West as in predominantly culture of european descent, not something just national, but in a global sense. Political language, I guess.

            As for why she wears it, I couldn’t say, but I recall reading her mother gave it to her? I guess that’s mama Q’s consideration of ‘decency’, given her lack of wardrobe so far.

            As for what I’m puffing… probably my own sense of hot air. I have plenty for everyone it seems, since I’m full of it..

  7. daniel says:

    Say Miss Melton, good #’s today so far… maybe i need to not do more pages more often! “I kid, I kid!”

  8. Nat says:

    Hi, I’ve just read all of this in the past few hours, so this post is likely to be a complete over-analysis brimming with plotty ideas. I’m sorry!
    Interesting development…maybe Ydde’s summoning is actually getting ‘better’, if Ptarro’s anything to go by. He seems more ‘articulate’ than the other creatures, and seems to have more sentinence than just pure id, if he wants Quillian to help him. When Ydde said they were formed from the subconscious of each of the victims, does that automatically mean the id, with only the sex and violence impulses? Does the ego or superego play a part, as they are part of the subconscious too, or maybe they haven’t been triggered while Ydde’s keeping them as ‘guard dogs’ for now? It would be interesting to see what sort of monster a kind girl would produce, if personality’s a true indicator of the monster within.
    Mind you, we never saw the other poor students who were killed, so maybe Patrick (let’s give our latest victim a name, I still feel really bad for the poor guy) was simply smarter or more refined than the other boys? He was studying right before the summoning. Or since he’s newly dead, he retains more memories from his human life and is still Patrick within Ptarro? If I turned into a massive cold-blooded (is he?) creature with claws and saw my human body ripped apart, I’d probably flip out and attack the nearest living thing too. And if said living thing was also a flying creature with three tails and hooves, I’d try to approach her again for information, if only there was a way to apologise when you can only caw.
    I’d want to know “What do I do now that my loved ones are grieving over my violent death and there’s no way I can have a normal life?”

    • Joyce says:

      Nice analysis. Some of your questions will actually get answered in the next several pages and some, well, I’ve no real plans to examine the personal lives of Ydde’s victims. I won’t say much more for fear of some kind of spoiler. But I’m glad you liked the comic. 🙂

      • Nat says:

        I also thought it was really something special that this death scene, of an unnamed character we only see for a few panels, was full of visual gags and the readers were still horrified and pitying the victim. Even when we’re laughing at how an apple core, a dog biscuit and a tin can labelled “FOOD” apparently make an acceptable dinner, we’re still petrified. Even the jokey title about cramming still came off as funny. That is a true gift, especially when most horror just stuffs a dead body or some limbs and organs in there, and comedy becomes only about being offensive. The genres, the plot and Quillian are very well-balanced and you guys are awesome.

        • Joyce says:

          Wow. Thanks. I want to say that the humor is a true collaboration between Daniel and I because of how it’s written. I do a script, Daniel and I talk about it. He draws the panels. We talk about it. Then I do the lettering, changing the script as I do and using some of Daniel’s ideas. We make each other laugh, a lot. 🙂

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