Quillian P30 Getting Squirrely

Quillian P30 Getting Squirrely

Things look a bit rocky for the old Monster Maker…

(We’ve been gone, but we’re back!)

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Posted on August 2, 2010 at 12:00 am in Quillian. Follow responses to this post with the comments feed. You can leave a comment or trackback from your own site.

15 Responses

  1. Andrea DiMaggio says:

    Moose and Squirrel???? No doubt about it…I’ve gotta get a new hat!

  2. Terry says:

    Nice kick! Cue ball in the left corner pocket!

    Once again, I loved Inkypus. He’s chatty but has a certain charm that grows on you. 🙂

    And now it’s time for me to leave. Nothing up my sleeve… presto! Rawr!!

  3. daniel says:

    um, ok, panel 3… where do i dig? my treasure map is misprinted!

  4. Chernobog says:

    Ouch. That’s not going to go unanswered for.

  5. AyoWolf says:

    It’s always a full moon, strange…
    Aww, pteran has a weak spot^^

    • Joyce says:

      Well, this is only the third night in the story. 🙂 Then again, it’s magic so…nah, that doesn’t work. We’d actually discussed this and made jokes about it. 🙂

      And yes, Ptarro does seem to be holding back….

      • daniel says:

        yeah that’s right, only in the second night here. soon it will be time for a little waning crescent action, no?

  6. Wannabe Hero says:

    I also dig the art on your comic! I’m always a fan of demon art, so I’ll def be checking back! 😀

    • Joyce says:

      I like your strip, too. it makes me think, sort of sideways, of some of the great old Hanna-Barbera stuff on Saturday morning. The good parts, not the other stuff. 🙂

      You mention looking for a webhost on your site, check your email, dude!

    • daniel says:

      i’m new to this whole thing, so i am lucky to have a writer like joyce (even though she’s one of a kind!) to give me something to do!

  7. daniel says:

    hey everyone, i just wanted you all to stop for a minute and count the things you have to be thankful for, i know that many of us may be going through negative situations and emotions and all that, but please just take the time to step outside of it and realize that we are human beings, and we have the capacity to hurt as well as heal. we are at least advanced enough to know the difference, and to make the best of things. i wont get preachy, but just a little spiritual awareness can make a big change for a lot of us, even for everyone! this may not be the forum to talk this way, but you know what? it sounds corny or whatever, but life is quite fleeting, and you should take advantage of the good feelings wer’e all capable of experiencing/giving to others… thats all i guess, hope everyone is doing ok tonight.

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