Quillian P23 - Midnight Snack

Quillian P23 – Midnight Snack

Quillian is a bit groggy and Inkypus is anxious. Has the monster worked up an appetite — or a confession?

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  1. daniel says:

    Joyce, you really crack me up with this stuff. just imagine Inky as voiced by Templeton from Charlottes’ web (animated)

  2. daniel says:

    now that i look at it again, ptarro looks a little dejected. is he sad ’cause he broke his new toy?

  3. daniel says:

    Quillian has something in common with this church. flying buttresses.

  4. Chernobog says:

    Hmm, this took an unexpected twist. I did not expect this as a location. A demoness brought to a church… I think there’s more going on here than what meets the eye. It also makes me wonder if Ptarro is like a gargoyle, ala Notre Dame. Huh, but then how might that explain how he burst from a teenager when she first found him? Curious to see where this goes.

    • Joyce says:

      Some history of St. Barts. It’s a one-time Jesuit school, still owned by a part of the Catholic Church but leased to a secular organization for use as a college. For a time in the fifties, it functioned as a teacher’s college for the state and part of its funding still comes from state and federal programs, though it is a private school. There are numerous churches and chapels, or structures that used to be churches or chapels, on campus and off. Some are quite old and a few are unused and in poor repair.

      • Chernobog says:

        Ack! I feel so stupid. I didn’t even realize they were still probably on or near campus. St. Bart’s = Church.

        Btw, bang up job on the background. That’s a nice touch. 😀

  5. daniel says:

    can you draw me a map? like the theme park: The Holy Land

  6. daniel says:

    uh oh, the comments have officially dwindled to one word entries! that means the pressures on to be as poignant as one can! how’s this: [insert joke here]

  7. daniel says:

    Mr.C? did you get my email

  8. Terry says:

    Awwww. The ptarro looks shy to me. I think he’s too shy to confess his… adoration of Qutiepuss. That’s my take anyway.

    The church setting is odd, but maybe that’s because the ptarro’s name also starts with a Q. Stranger things have happened. I speak of Quasimodo of course.

    Once again, the art and story are great. I’m wondering something though. Why aren’t your names proudly displayed as the creator of this wonderful web comic?

  9. daniel says:

    ask joyce, she’s in charge more or less. i just like to sit back and see what happens, you know? i’m not terribly a proud type, even in a printed format…

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