Quillian P22 Shall We Dance?

Quillian P22 Shall We Dance?

Culinary criticism has its place…but just exactly whose dinner is being discussed?

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  1. Terry says:

    Curly or Inkypus? Make up your mind! 🙂

    Ya gotta love that Inkypus. He’s got spunk… and a whole lot of other… traits.

    Big P could’ve easily killed Q, but he didn’t. I wonder what that’s all about. And I wonder who will save poor Q. Her parents? Someone! Please?

    Thanks for another great page, you two.

    • Joyce says:

      Sure you spotted the Three Stooges quote, but Inky isn’t just a lowbrow. 🙂

      Anyone get the literary allusion to a famous philosopher? There’s a clue in the rollover text. 🙂

      • Andrea DiMaggio says:

        Hobbes? Just a wild guess. Anyway, I’m likely the only Sicilian ever to dislike eggplant, but no longer. Inkypus rocks! I don’t get much sleep anyway, so gimme a Mohawk and bubbas and hooves!

        • Joyce says:

          A Sicilian who doesn’t like eggplant? A real horror story. 🙂

          And yes, you’re right. Thomas Hobbes famously said that men led lives that were “nasty, brutish and short.” After that, he became a cartoon tiger. 🙂

  2. Chernobog says:

    Wow, he really doesn’t know when to stop, does he?

    Seems like a bad time for Inky to try out his 3 Stooges impression… pretty sure he can’t meaningfully operate her wings if she gets dropped into a freefall. Heck, he could be painfully plucked like a worm right now. I would’ve just played dead!

    Sort of amused how Quill is unconscious but still managed to strike a dramatic pose in the process. XD

    “At least, he’s not short…” Mm, sorry, not ringing any bells.

    • Joyce says:

      Well, the script says she’s unconscious but I don’t think she read it. 🙂

      Don’t feel bad about missing the quote, it’s pretty obscure. One of the old time hard-boiled detective writers used it once, describing the bad guy in the story as a “true Hobbesian villain, nasty, brutish and short.” 🙂 I read the book before I ever heard of Hobbes and when I re-read it years later I almost swallowed my teeth laughing. 🙂 Since then, I’ve wanted to use the literary quote myself. Yay!

  3. daniel says:

    chalikun, (can i call you chali?) youve the eye for detail. i was pressed for time AT the time, and i didnt want to redraw the cops after the fact. besides, i like the face on “hector”. if there is a clue in this, as joyce has said, its lost on me, and i outta know, i drew it… chernobog, have you seen the psuedo- horror film “baghead”? perhaps youve done the stuntwork? quillian is dramatic to a fault, her only saving grace in this unfortunate episode. i’m drawing the next page right now, so i’ll get back to it. thanx youse guys!!

    • Chernobog says:

      Ah no, I haven’t seen it. I just went on Imdb to check it out… heh, I can see where you were going with it, though. No, my Baggy avatar has a very separate origin.

      Oddly enough to mention, I have done stuntwork in a low budget vampire film, but that’s neither here nor there.

      Keep up the good work!

  4. MadMann135 says:

    “HAY! Stop flying away with my date!”
    I do not have any clue as to who the guy is.

    • Joyce says:

      Thomas Hobbes is the guy who basically invented the idea of social contracts and influenced later philosophers who ended up encouraging the American Revolution. But that’s not important now… 🙂

  5. daniel says:

    Joyce, are you watching me right now? do i have to sing that song from “an american tail”? i ts so like me to miss the reference, but its still very funny in spite of that.

  6. Xavier Price says:

    Not only can you be knocked out, you can still internal monologue. Now -that’s- impressive.

  7. mittfh says:

    Since Inky’s not having much luck on his own, maybe it’s time for the other two tails to get a slice of the action…

    …assuming either (a) Inky can control them, (b) they have at least some degree of sentience, or (c) Quillian wakes up…

    • Joyce says:

      A and B are both true but Inky is not really trying to hurt Ptarro, just annoy him. It’s a long way down.

      Why is Inkypus being annoying? He’s being played by Gilbert Gottfried…

  8. daniel says:

    well here’s an obscure and out dated reference, and how fitting for this time of night. it’s Bedtime for Bonzo!

  9. comichero says:

    Ha moiderize thats great i rember those days back on looney toons when cartoon violance was allowed and ppl werent worried that it might be a bad influence on kids which in my opinion is a load of crap kids watch thier parents and act how they act

  10. BlackWolfe says:

    An old PARANOIA module used the Hobbes quote to describe children. “Children in Alpha Complex are like life in Alpha Complex: Nasty, brutish, and short.” Consequently, that’s what I associate those words with, rather than the original quote.

    • Joyce says:

      Ah, Paranoia! A game that would not have been possible or necessary to invent if it hadn’t been for the Cold War. 🙂

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