Quillian P21 Moonlight Concussion

Quillian P21 Moonlight Concussion

Oh, good, the cops got a picture of it.

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  1. Adon Rose says:

    Ooops….now look who’s in trouble…that is what happens if you are too sure about your victories.

  2. Chernobog says:

    Well, this got interesting! Hmm, can she still be invisible when she’s out cold? I wonder what happens now?

    • Joyce says:

      Good questions! If she’s knocked out, she probably can’t think she’s invisible. But what about Inkypus? Does what he thinks count? Well, I know, but I’m not telling yet! 🙂

  3. Terry says:

    Yikes! I would’ve flown fast and far away from the area. I can’t believe Q stayed nearby to celebrate. Dang.

    I like how Inkypus stays conscious and I like the spelling of his nickname for Q. Very qute. 🙂

    Oh! And I find it very interesting that Inkypus felt the shot to the back of Q’s head. You’ve got me hooked. Congratulaions… and thanks.

    • Joyce says:

      Quillian is a little inconsistent about what frightens and excites her but she is a teenager. 🙂 There’s a rationale for what Inkypus senses of what happens to Q but stopping to explain it in a story is not going to happen. 🙂

      Inky has a separate but connected consciousness as do the other tails. Q and I are co-dominant when in the demon form and the other tails will obey either of them, though Q pays less attention to H and T than Inky does. She has arms and legs and wings to distract her.

  4. UncleRice says:

    Never turn your back on your enemy until his ashes are scattered.

  5. Xavier Price says:

    He’s being all romantic… in a neanderthal kind of way.

  6. chalikun says:

    I like how she fives one of her other tails. I wonder if Inkypus has some control over them.

    Also, apparently it takes an awful lot to knock him out

    • Joyce says:

      Yes, Inkypus has some control over the other tails and so does Quillian when she thinks of it. And Inkypus has a separate consciousness from Q so knocking her out may make him a bit dizzy and he’ll feel it but he isn’t out. 🙂

      • chalikun says:

        I also just realized that the cops appear to change their positions. The one with the camera is on one side in the bottom left panel, and the other side on the next one.

        He’s on the camera-less cop’s left in the first cop panel, and on his right in the next one, I mean. Maybe one of them ran to the other side between frames.

        • Joyce says:

          Um, no. It’s a camera angle change. In the first shot, we’re looking at their faces. In the last shot, we’re looking at their backs and P&Q are between them and the moon. The cameraman turned around to face away from us to follow the shot while his friend turned only about half as far.

          This is actually a clue. 🙂

  7. Canton says:

    Uh-oh! Hope she comes to before dawn!

    I do like that the pteranodontist isn’t just a mindless beast. Much more formidable that way. 🙂

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