Quillian P17 Up on the Rooftop, Quick, Quick, Quick

Quillian P17 Up on the Rooftop, Quick, Quick, Quick

After midnight, Quillian lets it all hang out.

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  1. Korreel says:

    I like it, Please keep more coming. Where did you get the idea of 3 tails?

    Is Inkypus male or female or what?


    • Joyce says:

      Inkypus seems to be male but I’m not sure why we think so. Or what would probably be more fitting.

      I honestly don’t remember how we came up with the idea of three tails, or that one of them talked. The other two have names and personalities, too, but since they don’t talk, they are kind of overshadowed by Inkypus.

  2. mittfh says:

    And the Alt text / tooltip is just as random as ever: “Why not a rutabaga or a nice kohlrabi?”

    Presumably a side effect of the transformation is that Quentin doesn’t need to sleep, as it would cause an additional bucketload of problems if he had to become a social pariah by going to sleep at 7pm, only to set his alarm to wake up at 11:30pm so he could move elsewhere in time for his transformation into Quillian.

    • Uhl says:

      I think Inkypus mentions “potato” and not some other vegetable because potatoes have EYES. He (clearly acts as a “macho” male homosexual) doesn’t. Ergo, he can’t really “peek.” Not entirely sure how he perceives the world around him, but it clearly is not by “sight.”

      I have a few theories.

      1.) He “sees” everything Q sees like a second brain.

      2.) He uses a mix of senses other than sight to make a composite of his surroundings and has “learned” how to interpret the data like Gordi’s visor on Star Trek TNG.

      3.) Some weird combination of the two.

      4.) Some other bizarre method of sensory input that the author has yes to enlighten us.

  3. Joyce says:

    I think it’s mentioned on page 2 and again on page 16 that Q doesn’t need to sleep or can’t sleep like normal people. Humans sleep mostly to do mental housecleaning, maybe the transformation serves the same purpose for Q.

  4. Terry says:

    Two things:

    1) It looks like Q still has his male bulge with Inkypus out. So poor Inkypus seems to have no outlet when Q is in human form. I’m still waiting to see if Q can hear his tail’s thoughts. I hope the other tails get an occasional (rare even?) word. I think it would be funny if they were able to control Inkypus better than Q.

    2) Q’s last comment about “it” being too easy is a tease. *sigh*

    Thanks for another great page. I love how Q’s wings attach over her shoulder blades.

  5. Joyce says:

    It’s all relative isn’t it? But where do you draw the line? 🙂

  6. daniel says:

    i had to comment on this one. this page was put together as an “extra”, to connect #18. (not up yet) i stared at a blank paper for an hour or three before i even drew anything. it was not scripted by joyce, and therefore was really tough to come up with. i didnt want to just do #11 in reverse, so i tried a “subtle” approach. i appreciate y’alls attention to details, but honestly this concept and other things involved with it are somewhat “confounding” to me, when it comes to visualization. i am quite relieved to know that joyce writes quite detailed accounts , which makes it easy to draw out. this one was really confusing to “do”, but i like it. and the con was a good time! you shoulda’ been there…

    • Joyce says:

      It’s true, there wasn’t a word of the script on page 17 written until I saw the artwork. 🙂 In the original script, this all was just one panel at the top of the next page. After talking about it, Daniel and I decided to add another page expanding the transformation and giving me some room for writing narration about what Q was doing and why.

      I wanted to see what Daniel would come up with and we were both busy so I didn’t write a script for the added page and I think it worked out really well. 🙂

    • Daniel's Dad says:

      Hey Dan, don’t know about your conceptualization processes, but I can’t find anything out of place [scripted or not] , and I *really* love the art, the story and the little gender surprise. Not a single criticism whatsoever — and I’m your Dad! Keep it up [you too, Joyce]…

  7. eternaloctopus says:

    Prob my fave page so far. Def like the phased transformation. Neato stuffs =)

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks. 🙂 I can’t take any credit for the idea of this page, it was all Daniel. I just wrote the words after the art and storytelling were done.

  8. comichero says:

    Awww- poor Q-man has to deall withe a pervy tail when he trans froms which bring up an interesting quesstion is he or she now a fully functional female demon? and if he has sisters do they turn in to fully functional male demons?

    • Joyce says:

      Just what might a fully functional demoness be capable of? 🙂 We’ve actually got a story planned for later that might explore such things.

  9. Adon Rose says:

    Finally I can add a coment…couldn’t on the earlier pages because I only now found this comic.

    So far I love every bit of it and have been pretty surprised at the gender complication.

    But the idea about Inkypuss being male because he’s Q’s male bits sounds very plausible to me…and would explain what Inky was spitting into the Ptett’s face when she knocked his balls
    …Gosh…i would love to learn how to kick…errr….draw like that.

    Besides…I don’t find anything homosexual about Ink’s attitude…typical macho male, yes…but lets lace it, every rooster is in love with itself and every college guy without girlfriend (and not enough money to rent one by the hour) likes to touch himself, and as for when Q is a hot demonette…can’t fault Inky for some narcissm…She is HAWT

    • Joyce says:

      We’re still not saying. 🙂 We’ve got some other stuff coming up soon that may serve as distraction, we’re approaching the climax of this first Quillian tale.

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