Quillian P15 Gym Neighbors

Quillian P15 Gym Neighbors

What’s a few contusions between friends?

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  1. Faraway says:

    Did you have to punish us so? 😉

    Also, what’s with the Beef thing?

  2. Canton says:

    Gotta love those names!

    • Joyce says:

      Yeah, those came out of us horsing around in the bookstore and writing the silliest dialog we could think of. 🙂

      • Canton says:

        Wherever they came from, they’re perfect. I have to wonder whether they’re the guys’ real names, or just the nicknames Quentin has for them. 🙂 (Not that it matters. But if they are the guys’ real names, that explains so much.)

        • Joyce says:

          Well, “Gay Nazi Twins” is a nickname, surely. 🙂 But what would it explain if Rod Johnson and Dick Willys were there real names? 🙂

          • Uhl says:

            It would state that their parents are incredibly naive or short sighted when it comes to choosing names.

          • Joyce says:

            People get goofy names from their parents or on their own all the time. 🙂 Do a google and you’ll find a dozen or more Rod Johnsons. And a famous Dick Willys, though he went by Sir Richard.

            I’ve known real people with funnier and more suggestive names, one of whom had to threaten to sue the DMV to get a vanity license plate since they turned him down on the grounds that his actual name was an obscenity. 🙂

          • Faraway says:

            Or that they have a very low-brow sense of humor.

          • Canton says:

            It might explain something about the intelligence of the parents, which in turn could explain the, well, dickish behavior and questionable intelligence of the offspring. It’s a nature/nurture thing.

  3. Lachlainn says:

    Was his name Dick?

    • Joyce says:

      No, it was Peter Schmuck. He’s a sports reporter in Baltimore now but years ago he tried to get a vanity plate in CA when he worked at the OC Register with my brother. The DMV told him he couldn’t because Schmuck was an obscene word. 🙂 Well, it isn’t really, it’s just a euphemism used in Yiddish in place of a certain obscene word. It really means something like “ornament” or “smudge”. He finally did get his license plate. I wonder if he still has it?

  4. Jeremiah says:

    Question for you, Joyce. Where does that wise-cracking Inkypus go when Quillian gender-bends? Might that explain the mysterious bulge in Mr. Quillians’s home-made bikini briefs?

  5. Terry says:

    Hey! I’ve been in Greece so I missed this until now. Dang.

    I like that you came back to cover the bikini bottom. Cute. Heh.

    On a previous page, I implied that I thought Inkypus became a certain male body part. I see someone else has pretty much implied the same thing but you’re being a bit evasive about it. We shall see! 🙂

    Thanks for the page. Now on to the latest page. Yay! I get to read two in as many minutes. It almost makes up for having to leave Greece. :p

    • Joyce says:

      Evasive, huh? How about confusing? 🙂

      I suppose even with their troubles Greece would still be a nice place for a tourist.

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