Teenager P9 Morning Becomes Her?

Teenager P9 Morning Becomes Her?

Something you don’t see every day, a carnivorous eggplant doing a Homer Simpson impression.

Words and letters by Joyce Melton. Pencils and inks by Daniel Ford. Copyright 2010 by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

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  1. Kirstyn Amanda Fox says:

    Seems like we are getting close to a reveal.

    Please Keep It Going!


    • Joyce says:

      We’ve got more pages of the art done. I have to do some lettering before Thursday but we’ve still got a buffer of art done and more of story. 🙂

  2. Terry says:

    Hey. The comment form changed again. Okay. Maybe my little batty avatar will be back. That would be nice.

    I love the art and story but I’m not sure about the restriction about changing forms before sunrise. That seems like an odd, arbitrary restriction. Of course, we don’t know if it’s actually true. It could be like telling a child that they’ll be stuck with a funny face if they make the face too often or too long. Heh.

    Thanks for another page!

    • Terry says:

      Battypus is back! Yay!

      Yes, I’ve named my avatar, Battypus.

      • Joyce says:

        Battypus (like the name 🙂 was never gone, it’s just you were commentling last time while the server that provides those was down for maintenance.

    • Joyce says:

      Actually, I remade practically the whole site today. It was a ComicPress site and now is a WebComic site. That’s why the change in form.

      And you may be right about what Quillian’s Mom told her, I mean, after all her parents are demons, how trustworthy are they? 🙂

  3. Uhl says:

    Maybe the Pterodactyl thing hunts by sound (sonar, echolocation)?

  4. Eeeeeeee says:

    Just started reading the comic and I like it. Quillian is one sexy demon 🙂

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