Teenager P3 Midnight Cram Session

Teenager P3 Midnight Cram Session

They say last minute studying is bad for your grades — and your health.

Words and letters by Joyce Melton. Pencils and inks by Daniel Ford. Copyright 2010 by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

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6 Responses

  1. Beverly Taff says:

    Aaaa-hh, that’s just so meany”
    Poor kid din’t stand a chance.
    let’s have some context and plot to the story.
    This demon’s got to back to night school and learn to control her emotions. She’s behaving like a typically spoilt californian brat!

  2. Aywren says:

    Wow… that’s a major ouch! And amazing artwork in that last frame!

    • Joyce says:

      Yeah, Daniel outdid himself. 🙂 Look closely, though, there’s some stuff there besides just blood and guts. 🙂

      – Joyce

  3. Paul says:

    “… they seldom explode.”

    I don’t know quite why, but the laconic self narration style for that line worked really well. I guess if you’re a teenager from hell you can get a bit blase about such things 😉

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks. Humans are sort of an odd species for Quillian. For years she thought she was one but probably felt a bit of relief when she found out she wasn’t. 🙂

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