Quillian in Color P1

Quillian in Color P1

Quillian – Teenager from Hell, in color! Yeah, color pages will be going up on Wednesdays for awhile. If we have two in one week to put up, the second will go up on Sunday. Tell us what you think of the color adventures of our favorite demonette!

(Updated with color change of bikini. 7-14)
(Updated with lighter skin tone. 7-15)

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  1. Belle Meade says:

    Righteous! Wish I were her…really…oh yeah…really.

  2. Chernobog says:

    Colored pages Wednesday? Fo’ shiggity! (That probably means something good)

    Inky looks great in his eggplantish glory… the coloration versus hers makes him look infectious and thusly, more demonic.

    Not sure what I think of her color scheme. You’ll have to forgive me, my eyes are actually clinically bad at color reception, but I take she’s an orangey brown? The tails look right but I don’t know if that’s quite the color I imagined her to be. Her mohawk is also kind of hard to see against the night sky.

    Heh, admittedly, I was under the impression her thong bikini was blue.

    I like the waxy sallow color of the second panel, though. She seems one with the moon there.

    • Joyce says:

      There’s some discussion about the color of the bikini. Blue actually sounds like it might work. Daniel doesn’t like red and I don’t like green (or can’t find a green I do like). Maybe striped? 🙂

      The skin color may move more to the yellowish in the future too, we’re experimenting.

  3. daniel says:

    did you refer to her as “the Quillian”? she’s not the damn batman, hector!

    • Joyce says:

      Who, me? 🙂 I fixed. Originally I meant to say, “The Quillian storyline…” but changed it and forgot to remove the article.

  4. daniel says:

    hey Chern, yep, if you look at the1st seven pages or so, quillians hair was drawn too finely and did not translate well into a shrunken format. i might apply a little “red dye #2” or just white paint to the originals to make any hard copy stuff more visible. (if that ever happens) i like blue, but do to a contractual agreement, i’m not allowed to discuss quillian’s bikini… on a side note, how is your depth perception with only one eyehole in the bag?

    • Chernobog says:

      Hey Dan. Yeah, I figured that, but thought I’d mention my pov anyway.

      Wait… I have a bag on my head? Is that what this thing is? That does explain why my reading monocle was so crinkly…. huh!

  5. daniel says:

    she looks real bright and shiny on the monitor. i think she’s gonna GET me!

  6. daniel says:

    i like the word “demonette”. maybe nestles’ chocolate covered demonettes would keep all these monsters satisfied for a while?

  7. Terry says:

    Wow! That really pops out at you with color. I love it!

    I have to agree that the red bikini doesn’t work for me though. Sorry. I don’t think red is Q’s color. I don’t think green would work either. Or blue. I vote for a dark purple. I think Inkypus would like that.

    Thanks for the colored version! 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      I’m wondering if an aqua color would work. We’ll do some experimenting.

      But one thing is that the colors on screen will not be the printed colors. A saturated orange-gold like that is very difficult to get without coated paper. Remember the ducklings, Donald Duck’s nephews?

      Louie always wore a yellow cap on the covers but a green one inside because a saturated yellow could not be printed on that old newsprint and a secondary green on the coverstock would look a bit too much like black. Red, blue and yellow as primaries worked better for the covers, but red, blue and green worked better on the inside.

      Matching secondaries is also why the Hulk wears purple pants. 🙂

  8. mittfh says:

    I like 🙂

    As for her strange skin colouring, just attribute that to partial illumination by the orangey sodium street lights, then you can experiment until you achieve more realistic tones by dawn… 🙂

    The arrowhead tail looks vaguely metallic, so could probably inflict substantial damage on a baseline if used in anger…

    Anyway, what’s wrong with a red bikini and thong? 🙂 If you prefer blue, you could always leave the red on for this night, then change to a blue set for the following night’s adventure…

    • Joyce says:

      The tails are animal-Harrienda, vegetable-Inkypus and mineral-Tom Stabbo. 🙂

      • mittfh says:

        Ooh! So now we know what the other two (mute) tails are called!
        Then again, given how much lip Inky gives, her life would be even more nightmarish if the other two tails were capable of speech or thought…

  9. Volvom says:

    Maybe more colors, shadows and lights. Then it’s look fantastic, but now it looks good =)

  10. Joyce says:

    Changed the color of the bikini as Daniel and I had discussed. 🙂

    • Joyce says:

      Changed the skin tone, too, now. I mixed the skin tone from page 2 in, to lighten it. I think this skin color works better with the teal bikini, too. 🙂

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