Quillian – A Teenager from Hell, young Quillian spends the day as a human and part of each night as a demon. Quillian has devil wings, three tails, and horsey hooves. She’s strong and fast, can fly, shoot quills from her joints and mohawk, grow thorns on the rest of her body and thinks she can become invisible.

Inkypus – One of Quillian’s three tails, Inkypus is a talking vegetable, an eggplant with teeth and attitude. Imagine his voice as being done by Gilbert Gottfried. Inkypus eats flies and shoots toxic ink, much like Mr. Gottfried.

Ptarro – The monster that Inkypus described as “a big chicken”, Ptarro has wings and huge claws and can see in the dark. Ptarro burst out of the body of one of St. Bartholomew’s students, a circumstance that Quillian regards as a clue.

Quentin William – Quillian’s daytime identity, a male college student at St. Bartholomew’s University in San Bartolomeo, California. For some reason, almost no one can remember Quentin’s name and most people just call him Q or some nickname based on the letter. Because of this, the school sends any letters addressed to anyone whose first or last name starts with a Q to Quentin if they can’t find a record of the adressee otherwise.

Mrs. Fremond – The landlady of the boarding house where Quentin lives with four other male college students. Mrs. Fremond only takes college boys as tenants. She cooks and cleans for “her boys” and toddles around the house in tight skirts and high heels like a cross between June Cleaver and Mrs. Robinson. No one knows what happened to “Walt”.

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