Beastly Thoughts Pg 4 Numbers Game

Beastly Thoughts Pg 4 Numbers Game

And God said, “Remember, if you leave the Garden, the roaming charges will be Biblical.”

The drawing of Adam, though I didn’t notice it till he mentioned it, resembles to a high degree one of my roommates at the time whose first name happened to be Adam. I’d drawn this gag on a scrap of paper years before I met Adam but the earlier scribble looked nothing like him. Somehow when I sat down to do this version with the thought, “Draw Adam,” I drew Adam.

At the time, Adam and I were doing another strip together, one in which he drew and I wrote. In retaliation, he put a character who looked like me into his drawing and I had to write her dialog.

Another note, Adam is the one who first drew the turtle who came to be known as Alistair of Alistair 2 Zook. He drew turtles much better than I could but had no idea what to do with the character who was just a sketch. I said, “His name is Alistair and his best friend is a frog.”

Adam sketched a frog. “What’s the frog’s name?” he asked.

“Zook,” I said. I immediately sat down and wrote six A2Z gags but Adam was not interested in drawing another strip at that time. I asked him if I could have the characters if I drew them myself and he gave them to me with the proviso that I include a credit for him. That’s why A2Z strips have the teeny, tiny legend thanking “Griff and Danny.” Griff was Adam’s nickname and Danny was our other roommate who provided the model for Zook’s wacky sense of the absurd.

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