Quillian is a pretty demoness after midnight and an ordinary college student by day. Her adventures range from horror to slapstick as she discovers what it is to be a teenager from hell.

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AprilTeenager P1 Into the NightTeenager P2 Mere CuriosityTeenager P3 Midnight Cram SessionTeenager P4 Would Like to MeatTeenager P5 Duck, Duck, GooseTeenager P6 Ptarrodonus InterruptusTeenager P7 Kicks Are For TwidsTeenager P8 Breathless Escape
MayTeenager P9 Morning Becomes Her?Teenager P10 A Tail to TellTeenager P11 Dispossessed?Teenager P12 Meanwhile, Back in the ClosetTeenager P13 Unlucky At ZippersQuillian P14 Breakfast SerialQuillian P15 Gym NeighborsQuillian P16 No Snooze is Good SnoozeQuillian P17 Up on the Rooftop, Quick, Quick, Quick
JuneQuillian P18 What Rhymes with Monster?Quillian P19 Chasing Some TailsQuillian P20 Sound BitesQuillian P21 Moonlight ConcussionQuillian P22 Shall We Dance?Quillian P23 - Midnight Snack
JulyQuillian P24 Congregation of NightmaresQuillian P25 Monster MashersQuillian in Color P1Quillian P26 I Am Furious, HelloQuillian P27 They Just Can't Resist--Quillian in Color P2Quillian P28 Smart Is As Smart DoesQuillian P29 Who said anything about a hero?Quillian in Color P3
AugustQuillian P30 Getting SquirrelyQuillian P31 Escape?Quillian P32 Girls 3, Quentin 0Quillian P33 Using the NoodleQuillian P34 Ambush!
SeptemberQuillian P35 Wooden You Know?Quillian P36 The Demon That You KnowQuillian P37 Contradiction in Terms?Quillian P38 You Know How to Whistle?
OctoberQuillian P39 Feats Do Your Stuff!Quillian P40 Helluva RapQuillian P41 Dinner Date
NovemberQuillian P42 Another Moonset...