Alistair 2 Zook Pg 2 Expiration Date

Alistair 2 Zook Pg 2 Expiration Date

Sometimes I crack me up more than I do other people. The idea of a frog identifying an insect, including Latinate binomial, by eating it seemed pretty funny to me. I’m not sure anyone else got a chuckle out of it because this is one of the cartoons that never got a comment when it first went up about four years ago. Just the fake professional name, gastro-entomologist made me laugh. Oh, well.

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  1. Lunaroki says:

    I love it! Kinda reminds me of the Doctor being able to tell you all about the planet you just landed on by sticking his head outside the door of the Tardis and giving a sniff, except in this case what’s being analyzed winds up being eaten. 😀

    • Joyce says:

      Yeah, that’s the deal. It’s perfectly silly and a bit over the top, much like the Good Doctor. I’m probably going to have to watch Doctor Who sometime, innit? 🙂

      When I had a bookstore back in the 1970s, I first heard of Doctor Who from a book I had on the shelves. The complete title was: “Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks”. I’d never seen or heard of Doctor Who at the time but the book completely cracked me up. It was a year or so later that I found the TV show on the local PBS station. 🙂 These were reruns of the really cheesy early shows and they reminded me of Captain Video with which they were near-contemporaries. 🙂

  2. Lunaroki says:

    You must indeed watch Doctor Who! It is mandatory viewing for any true blue dyed-in-the-wool geek! You can catch the current season on Dish Network channel 135, BBC America. The previous week’s episode airs on Saturday at 8PM EST, followed by the new episode at 9PM. This week might be a good week to start because they’ve got a really tense 2-parter going on that started last week. There’s drama, suspense, and of course little bits of comedy slipped in where appropriate. There are other episodes where the humor is much thicker, but this one is more geared to make you feel frightened and tense.

    • Joyce says:

      My problem with television is I just forget to watch. I’ll probably download the Dr. Who episodes when they become available. That’s how I’ve started watching TV lately and especially since I got my iPad which makes it really convenient, a TV you can carry around. 🙂

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